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A Novices Guide to Texas Hold’em Poker

Frequently known simply as Hold’em, it is presently the most widely played poker game in the world, and is used in the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker. It’s typically played with up to ten players and a dealer who generally doesn’t participate in the game, however in casual games, dealing will move from player to player.

How to Get Lucky and Win the Lottery

Do you ever wonder how to get lucky? I mean, do you wonder how you could get the luck to win the lottery? Do you need any type of special charms, like maybe a horseshoe or a four-leaf clover? Don’t worry about any of those things; the way to get lucky is to just buy a lotto ticket – And, you only need one ticket.

American Roulette Vs European Roulette – Double Zero Makes a Difference in Roulette Odds

If you are a fan of roulette, you may not have known that there are two popular versions of roulette. One version actually has worse odds and no advantages vs playing on the other version. Learn about each version and find out if you are unwillingly losing a lot more money than you know.

Why Most Sports Gamblers Lose

Why is it that most sports gamblers lose? Bookmakers draw a living from sports gamblers – their whole marketing strategy is designed to get gamblers to place bets, lots of bets and large bets. But you can beat the bookies at their own game.

Playing Poker As Social Interaction Media

Nowadays people become less and less social, and they become what they are not. With all the technology around, I see there are less human and real interaction between people.

Sports Bets to Avoid

Internet bookmakers offer a vast variety of types of bets. There are so many unusual and unprofitable (for the punter) bets that simply choosing which type of bets to play and avoid is difficult.

Online Poker Bonuses – What to Look For in a Poker Bonus

Online poker sites like Betfair and Power Poker offer deposit bonuses for new players that make a first time deposit on their site. These bonuses can range from just $50 up to $5000 depending on the site. When selecting which site and bonus to go with there are more things to consider then just the dollar amount.

2010 Kentucky Derby Betting Odds

Quite a few of the 2010 Kentucky Derby betting odds have shifted and we’ll take a look at the contenders who are both rising and falling. We’ve been previewing the prime contenders for the 2010 Kentucky Derby and it’s been interesting to see how the betting odds have shifted up and down in the weeks since the lines came up at BoDog Sportsbook.

A New Individual Retirement Fund – It’s Not Your Mother’s 401

I am aware what you are indicating right now: How can an individual seriously use sports gambling and early retirement within the very same sentence? As idiotic as this seems, I could truly have the ability to adjust your point of view once you are done reading this particular post.

Plan to Bet on Football? Here’s the Requirements

In case you are a inexperienced when it comes to gambling on sports, especially the sport of football then you may be inquiring just how to wager on football. If that’s you, then you definitely need to keep reading since I break it down for you personally.

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