4 Prop Bets for Chiefs vs. Chargers for Thursday Night Football (12/16)

4 Prop Bets for Chiefs vs. Chargers for Thursday Night Football (12/16)

Using Number Histories to Help Win the Lottery!

Winning the lottery is a dream shared by everyone who rolls up to the counter every week and lays down their favorite numbers, hoping feverishly that a major miracle will happen and those numbers will come up! Of course, with the odds of winning the major prize in the range of many millions to one, there is really no expectation of winning the jackpot, but it is still exciting to hit a few numbers and maybe pick up a few dollars.

Top 3 Tips For Any Pick 3 Lottery Player – You’ve Gotta Know These!

Whether you’re a serious pick 3 lottery player, or just like to play your numbers casually, there are a few things you should be doing to increase your chances of winning on a consistent basis. Here are some tips to always follow…

Casino Tax Refund Assists in Getting Money Lost to Casino Withholding Tax

A win in the lotteries, casinos, gaming tournaments, horse and dog racing, game shows, keno and other wins in the USA can make you ecstatic but usually this feeling is dampened by the IRS. Whatever you win is subject to casino tax and the IRS withholds 30% of it. This at times could prove to be very expensive.

How to Win the Lottery Guaranteed

Wow! If someone I actually knew and trusted said this to me I would most likely change how I view this person. But kidding aside, is it not one of your long time wishes to actually have the assurance of knowing how to go about winning the lotto? Well, if you are one of us hopefuls, then you might be interested to learn some sound, practical and realistic means you can employ in playing the game.

How to Predict the Lotto

Some years ago I had a friend who was fortunate enough to actually win the game. I can clearly recall what the things she said when she disclosed me her so called “secret” in winning.

How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

I will win the lotto! Those of you who are aiming to do just that must make the first statement a mantra for you to live by.

Winning Lottery Numbers Calculator

It does not matter if you play Florida, Ohio, Texas, California, New York, Singapore or the New Jerseys lottery games the technique to calculate the winning numbers is applicable to all the lottery games worldwide. This strategy helps you to calculate the pattern and sequence being followed by the game. Knowing the pattern will give you the trend by which you can subdivide the numbers as the Hot numbers (numbers which have higher than the average rate) and Cold numbers (numbers which have a lower than average quota).

How to Analyze the Lottery Games

A lottery player will require an assistant to help him keep the data and strategies. However new strategies have come up which have made this task easier and fruitful. Knowing these strategies and techniques will help you analyze the frequency of winning numbers, pattern and trend of the game. These strategies will surely improve your estimate and will improve your forecasting abilities.

7 Easy Steps to Stop Losing When You Move Up Stakes in Poker

Are you finding that ever time you move up stakes you lose in Texas Holdem Poker? I was once experiencing this until I learned the answer.

NL No Limit Hold Em Poker – Tricky Hands to Watch Out For

The following NL No limit Hold Em Poker hands are tricky ones that can cause catastrophe. Protect yourself and don’t fall victim to these hands.

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