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Is Place Betting For Losers?

Speaking in the old betting language, do you want to take 10’s on about a horse that should be almost 4’s on? To demonstrate this I’ll use the following example for a horse whose place dividend would be $1.23 in a 100% or fair market.

Where Is Bingo Going Next?

The question of where the game of bingo is going now as well as in the next few years is still a little unclear. It is perfectly well understood that it is NOT going to be going anywhere anytime too soon considering the fact that it has been in the United States since 1929. This also goes for all of its variations worldwide, some of which have been around since way back in 1530.

Where Can I Get Bingo Cards in Bulk?

Are you looking into organizing a bingo game or are just looking for a better way to buy the huge number of bingo cards that you seem to go through? Well, you are looking in the right place for information folks. Sometimes the hardest part of buying bingo cards and other supplies is finding a good place to buy from.

What in the World Is Cow Pie Bingo Anyway?

Well, it is very hard not to burst out laughing at this one once a full description was read about it. The reality of this particular game – Cow Pie Bingo – is ACTUALLY Not Really actually bingo at all, but rather a type of Lottery game. The origins of cow pie bingo happen to come from the rural farming communities around the world.

The Social Aspect of Bingo

Before the start of online games such as bingo they used to hold bingo in the local halls and community centres and when popularity of this game increased bingo halls were then created. People would meet up on certain nights of the week at certain times to play against each other.

The Gambling and Addictive Side of Bingo

For as long as bingo has been around it has always been divided as to which country you are in as to whether it is illegal or legal, whether it is or is isn’t the fact remains that it is a form of gambling. When you purchase your card or cards you are taking a gamble on whether you will get a return for your money.

What the Bingo Halls Are for?

Bingo can be a great game, both entertaining and fun. There are prizes for people that have winning lines and what they call a full house whereby all the numbers on their card have been ticked off.

The Costs of Playing Bingo

If you have never played bingo before and want to start, you need to know what kinds of costs that it will incur. Most of the time, the costs can run per card but the most popular way of going about this game is a package deal. These can run you anywhere between 10 and 50 dollars for a package deal.

What’s All the Fuss About Bingo?

When hearing the word “bingo” what comes to mind? If you say a bunch of grannies fighting over cards, you may not be alone. Too many times it has been typecast and not a lot of people are interested in the game. You may not see what the fuss about this game is. It may be just another game that gets crazy at times but not worth playing. It is just a game of numbers and letters.

The Convenient and Easy Way to Play

Online bingo is fast becoming very popular but should we be worried about the ease and convenience of being able to play online bingo in the comfort of our own home? Will it become just a harmful pastime or can the convenience of it all become worrying for those that can become addicted?

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