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Don't make this mistake on the sweet 16 Game tonight between Alabama and San Diego State hi this is the sports Betting whale with Okay what's the mistake that you can Make on the San Diego State Alabama game You can look at how San Diego State has Won a couple of games and then how they Got into the tournament knowing that Their defense is pretty good and then You can overestimate San Diego State why Who have they played they play in a very Very weak conference in the in the west To get into the tournament and they Didn't clean house there either they had A lot of losses and close games as well But who did they beat to get into this Game with Alabama maybe Charleston Rank 12th and they beat Furman ranked 13th I haven't played anybody yet now They're going against Alabama many People think the best team in all of Basketball give you a little bit of History on Vasco what's going on with Alabama they killed Texas A M CC and Then they played Maryland Maryland's Good team a lot of people thought Maryland would fight they beat Maryland 73-51 they're 9-1 in their last 10 games In the much tougher SEC compared to San Diego State's division they're averaging 84.5 points a game plus 16 on the Rebound margins that's almost unheard of Per game and they've been averaging 15

Offensive rebounds per game in this Tournament at 15 where do you ever see That that's offensive War it's not Totally notes so that's a big Advantage It's giving me a lot of Second Chance Points with Alabama Alabama's too fast And too long for San Diego State And then other things important this Thread is seven and a half Alabama Typically wins double digits 20 and so Forth and that's no big deal for them so They're not going to want to keep it Close we're taking Alabama the first Half in Alabama in the game and we hope You will too now to get more selections Today and learn more about sports Handicap make sure you browse the videos There's tons of them in there and always Subscribe because you don't want to be Able to miss out on the great wins that We give you especially when we get these Hot streaks in baseball so go ahead and Subscribe now And we appreciate it see you next time

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