Alex’s Sharp Bets | Profit & Loss Tracked | Video 2

Alex's Sharp Bets | Profit & Loss Tracked | Video 2

Best Poker Rooms for Freerolls

There are many things that you need to consider while looking for best poker site for freerolls. The most important thing that you must look for is the frequency of the availability of poker freerolls. Also, you need to consider the types of prize-pools available as well as the size of cash-prizes. Whether you are going to play long MTT Tourney or a freeroll poker tournament, play it carefully and strategically. Because your ultimate aim is to win some decent prize-pool including real cash for your efforts.

How to Build an Online Poker Bankroll

A common question amongst new poker players is “how do I start building a poker bankroll and where do I start?” This question has a number of answers, and a lot of it depends on how good you are at online poker and how big your starting bankroll (the amount of money that you can deposit online) is. For the most part, new players will not really have much money to deposit online.

Dos and Don’ts for Online Poker Tournaments

Online poker tournaments allow players contest for foreign trips, thousands of dollars and many more. But you must also be aware of the fact that they are just going to make you greedy for earning lots of dollars. And the most important thing that you must remember while joining online poker tourneys: Never play like a rough drunk if you’re stricken by a losing streak. This might cost you your seat in the tournament.

Play Lotto Without Fear of Failure

Your thoughts and your behavior are responsible for your fortune or for your failure. I know that anxiety disrupts the ability of people to notice when lady luck comes to them. And then there will be a failure. Do not be a creature of routine and then you will make things in a creative ways. Of course, no one like to be a failed person, but this aspect is depending of you. For more information, please read the article.

Online Poker Bankroll Management

Poker Bankroll Management Professional poker players can make a lot of money playing poker online. A typical NL100 ($0.5/$1) low stakes player can make upwards of $30,000 per year depending on how often he plays.

Why You Must Keep Away From Online Poker Play?

There are many reasons for which you must keep away from Online Poker Play. Let’s have a look a few of them…

What Factors Make Slot Machines Popular?

What makes some slot machines successful? While some disappear not noticed, others thrive year after year.

Choosing a Legitimate Online Casino

With so many online casinos on the net nowadays, the biggest problem players have is choosing one. And to be able to choose one that is both legitimate and trustworthy is a more complex and distressing problem. It’s not a secret that there are so many online casinos that are scams and are just out there to rip of unsuspecting players. But how will you know if the casino you choose is one of those or not?

Multi-Card Keno – The Hottest New Casino Game

Online Keno has always been boring – until now. Casinos have managed to spice up the game of Keno with a great new multi-card keno game.

A Review of Poker-Edge 5 Poker Statistical Software

Online poker players have a wide choice of poker evaluation software that, when used correctly, helps players plug leaks in their game. No matter what level of player you are, interactive poker statistics software tools provide a serious player with the information they need to play better and more profitable poker. Poker-Edge 5 software is jam-packed with tools and features that, if used correctly to help you evaluate your play during and after play, will maximize one’s win rate.

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