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How to Win Online Poker – The Real Poker Tournament Strategy

Winning at online poker is easy if you understand the fundamentals of the game, and more importantly understand the functions of the software used by the online poker sites. One of the major mistakes made by online poker players is that they attempt to use poker tournament strategy to play the game in the same manner as they do in a live game. This practice inevitably results in a failure of the player to cash or win consistently.

How to Beat a Poker Bot in Online Poker

The latest rage by poker aficionados and programmers is to create and use a poker bot that will automatically play online poker with little or no human interaction, with the ultimate goal of winning money. This article will examine ways to counter poker bots and beat the software in online poker.

Bingo For Fun, Not For Prizes

Most prizes tend to be from the $10 to the $5000 mark although many bingo outlets also provide cars, holidays and even kitchen equipment to keep players interested. Whether or not that is a reason…

Make Money With Cash Games

Have you ever tried online gaming? It is fun and you get to meet lots of people who are also avid gamers like you. This is good but, have you ever tried playing cash games?

Play and Win With Cash Games

Cash games aren’t new especially for gamers. They are actually among the most loved pastimes today. If you still don’t know what these games are all about then check the online games arena because you are missing a lot.

Online Resources to Learn and Master Winning Strategies For Blackjack Beginners

Blackjack is a gambling game that is easy to play but not to win. Winning the game takes a hang of specific strategies regarding how to play. There are many online resources for beginners to learn and master these strategies. Forums, websites and blog sites of professional gamblers are the most reliable and sought after destinations for them.

Messing With Their Game Force

Given the high card strength contained in these responses, you will rarely have enough to enter the bidding. Bidding a suit is natural and your playing strength should be within two tricks of your bid. You might enter the auction with a freak two-suiter, short in their suit, typically at least a 6-5 pattern. With such a hand, you could adopt the following approach, assuming the opening bid was 1H.

Contract Bridge Game Instructions – Two-Level Openings and Responding to a Weak Two

Your opening bids at the one-level will naturally depend on the system you play. This includes the range for your 1NT opening, whether you play 4-card or 5-card majors and whether your one-openings in a minor are natural or semi-artificial.

Bridge Card Game Tips – An Easy Way to Understanding the Losing Trick Count

Counting losers is a sound way of estimating the playing strength of a hand, particularly a hand which contains one or two very long suits. High card points are best to assess the value of a balanced hand, counting losers works better for the more distributional hands.

The Lighter Side of Bridge – Get a Giggle From Your Bridge Game

In this collection we are not laughing at bridge players or bridge, but rather we are laughing with our own group at ourselves. To be able to laugh at oneself is a healthy sign – and no one needs this more than a bridge player.

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