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In sports betting, the spread is the number of points a team can score in a game. It is also known as the “over/under” spread. It is important to note that these lines remain open throughout the entire season. Aside from the point spread, you can also place a bet on the player or team that will score the most points. For example, you can place a bet on Carson Wentz to have at least 230.5 passing yards. However, you must be aware of how the odds makers adjust these numbers throughout the season.

When making a bet on a game, it is important to note that the projected total may not correspond to the offense of each team. For example, the Ravens and the Browns had a 50.5 point total last season, but both teams are known to be slow-paced. Because of this, betting on the Under would be a safe bet. However, if the Ravens and Browns have a double-digit lead, they may try to slow the game down and score fewer points.

The Bengals were not worth much when the oddsmakers released their odds early in the 2021 season. However, an underdog team may have a big chance of winning the game. You can bet on their chances of reaching the Super Bowl. As for the game’s pace, you should focus on the offense. An offense that moves fast tends to score more points. Conversely, an offense that slows down tends to score fewer points.

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