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Matt takes you through a betting preview for the 2 NFL games for NFL Championship Weekend. Matt discusses how he found value for his NFL playoff early bets using OddsJam. The OddsJam sports betting software has real-time NFL odds from over fifty sportsbooks. He gives a betting preview of the Bengals vs. Chiefs in this game.

He discusses his NFL sports betting strategy and shares how he finds value on all his picks. Matt explains how to find and place mathematically profitable bets using the OddsJam Positive EV and arbitrage tools.

Matt is excited about his early 2022-2023 NFL week bets. Using OddsJam to compare odds with other sportsbooks ensured Matt placed a profitable bets for the wild card games this weekend.

OddsJam has real-time NFL odds from over forty sportsbooks, including DraftKings and FanDuel. He thinks he currently has the best bets for NFL playoff games this weekend.

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What's up everybody how we doing Matt Modi here with oddsjam here to give you Some Best Bets specifically for the Bengals versus Chiefs game so Um we have a bunch of different videos Out all different types of ways to look At these two Titanic matchups in the Championship games obviously Eagles 49ers and Bengals Chiefs this video Specifically is going to be looking uh Diving in a little bit into the Chiefs Versus Bengals game Looking for Best Bets there so pretty Interesting spread movement here Um the line opened up at Chiefs and they Were two and a half to three point Favorites depending on where you looked It shifted all the way where the Bengals Are now being favored the best money Line that you can get on them is at -125 In terms of the Chiefs you can get them At Plus 122. Interesting spread movement you know Pinnacle the sharpest sports book in the World has them at -1 but some sports Books like expat or excuse me has the Bengals at minus one so Chiefs plus one But some sports books like expat you can Get Chiefs all the way up at plus two And a half so not a horrible price there Looking into things in a little bit more Detail You obviously want to look at the Sharper Sports books and see where they

Have things priced at bet online has Cincinnati at -128 bookmaker at -137 in Pinnacle at minus 129. and then again we Can get them at -125 at points bet which Is not a bad price In terms of the Bangles or excuse me Chiefs money line side of it Uh bet online has them at plus 108 Bookmaker at plus 117 and then Pinnacle Plus 114 and we can get them all the way Up at plus 122. so no matter how you Slice it not a horrible price on either Of these two teams moneyline plays for Me I lean the Bengals in this one as I Mentioned in my previous video I just Think that the injury to Patrick Mahomes Is going to be tough to Um to formulate a game a game plan Around we've seen how Um creative the Bengals defensive Coordinator is with generating pressure Considering where he brought pressure Against the bills and Josh Allen And I worry that if my homes isn't his Normal self being able to escape from The pocket it could be tough for the Chiefs but Mahomes played on turf toe a Couple years ago destroyed the bills in The AFC Championship game so you've Learned to not count them out I just Worry about the health factor of it but Regardless for this video I'm hopping on The positive EV page and finding some Positive expected value bets to lock in

Number one we're actually getting a Really good price on the Chiefs money Line at plus 110 so this is at plus 110 Odds at Caesars the Nova gods that ICM Calculates has this at about plus 108. So I locked this one in as you can see Here put three quarters of a unit on This one 75 bucks on the Chiefs first Quarter money line So the logic here number one is because It's on the positive EV page we are Getting an edge over Caesars which Obviously is a sports book replacing the Bet with we are getting an edge over Them on this bet the edge comes from These no big odds here that I mentioned So the plus 108. Um these numbers are pulled from the Sharpest Sports books in the world in Terms of pricing odds the sports books That consistently do the best job at Pricing odds So when you're sports betting you kind Of can see just on the screenshot here Sports books are all going to have Different odds different ways of pricing Things a little bit secretive a secret Thing behind that some are better than Others at pricing odds some do a better Job at pricing odds so these odds are Pulled from the sharpest Sports books in The world the sports books that Consistently do the best job at pricing Odds so beating them is some beating

These no big odds is something that will Be profitable in the long run another Reason why I like this is because Comparing the Caesar's line to pretty Much every other book including the Sharp ones which are bookmaker embed Online again it's a better price than These Sports books with The Vig removed So if you open the event page In a new tab you can click this little Button here that says show no big odds Which is a really cool way of just right Off the bat just with one click of a Button removing The Vig The Vig Obviously being the juice that Sportsbooks price odds like if you look At the Pinnacle line which as I Mentioned is the sharpest book in the World we see the Bengal side of it at -115 the chief side of it at plus 103 so There's like a there's a 12 cent gap Between these two numbers that's the Juice that sportsbooks price odds it's How they make their money they just Essentially charge attacks to the odds Themselves So removing this gives you an accurate Representation of what these Sports Books deem a market to be priced at so Removing the big and remember we're Getting this at plus 110. so if I remove The Vig here these plus 110 odds is Positive EV to the sharpest books in the World Pinnacle and bookmaker as well as

The majority of sports books so that's Why this plus 110 on Caesars is a really Good price because you want to look at The sharp Sports books and we are Beating the closing line of two of the Best books in the world Pinnacle in Bookmaker along with the majority of the Rest of the markets so all in all Bengals first quarter money line is a Really good play Um that's my first one next up we're Looking at Bengals uh so we're actually Selling some points and getting the Bengals alternate spread at minus three And a half this is at plus 136 odds at Circus Sportsbook logic here it's pretty Much the same the no big line on this One is at about plus 134 essentially if We want to round up and then looking at The other sports books some are kind of Close like Pinnacle seven cents off some Are 11 to 10 cents off and then we see Some down in like the teens What we don't see is any book that Prices it at plus 130 or above so this Plus 136 is a really good price now Obviously we're selling some points so The risk is higher you know the Bengal Is going from minus one to minus three And a half that's over that key number Of a field goal but the Bengals do with The to the Chiefs that they did to the Bills you know they cover a lot more Alternate spreads so

The logic for this is higher payout and Higher risk that's kind of the risk Reward Um faction you have to play with in this Case we are playing something with Higher risk but at plus 136 odds higher Reward as well and the math is telling Us that this is a good play so this is Play number two uh Bengals minus three And a half at minus 136 odds and then Last one Is this passing yardage prop for Joe Burrow over 275 and a half passing yards At plus 100. so I wanted to put 75 bucks On this one as you can see FanDuel will Only let me get 50 bucks on this one so They're limiting me to 50 bucks Um which is lame but I wanted to get What 75 but regardless this is a good Play plus 100 odds dictates roughly 50 50. and the sports books either have it At 50 50 or they favor it going over Like Caesars does here so That's why we are getting a good price On this Joe burrow over Um 20 uh excuse me over 274 and a half Passing yards so the way it's labeled on FanDuel is just 275 plus so just Something to keep in mind you have to go To his alternate passing yards and look For 275 plus that's going to be it as my Third and final pick for this video so If you're tailing these three comment And let me know other than that please

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