Best Bets for Sunday’s slate of NFL games and key Market Movers | Bet.

Best Bets for Sunday's slate of NFL games and key Market Movers | Bet.

Strategy for Omaha H/L Poker

One of the biggest mistakes that I notice other players make when they are playing Omaha h/l is that they get way too excited about being dealt pocket Aces. Sure, this is a great Hold’em hand, and it is sometimes even dominant in Omaha (although not as much as you would think) but it is a great way to get yourself into trouble in Omaha h/l.

Playing Out of Position in NL Texas Hold’Em

Many times when you decide to play a hand in NL Texas Hold’em, you will find yourself playing out of position. That is, you are the first one to act after the flop or at least there are still several players to act after you even if you were not quite the first.

Online Poker Strategy: Don’t Let the Suck Outs Kill Ya!

Probably the hardest aspect of playing poker online is dealing with all the bad beats and suck outs. No one likes to get there money in as an 80%-90% favorite and end up losing the hand, especially in a tournament where it really hurts.

The Lotto Black Book Review – Secrets Exposed

Lottery is a game of chance but how to win it is a process of careful planning, thorough analysis and patience. If you will get a copy of The Lottery Black Book, you will know that luck has nothing to do with millions. But coming up with the right strategy and employing the best tactics will bring you straight to where the action is.

Use Your MasterCard and Play Online Bingo

One great thing about the internet, it makes things simpler for a lot of people. Even those people who simply like going online for the sake of the games. In fact, there are so many online games in the Net today that it will take a lengthy list to print out all the sites which offer the different games which are now hosted online.

Playing the Short Stack

Obviously you never want to have a short stack in tournament play, especially NL Hold’em tournaments. Just as obviously, it is going to happen sometimes and I see a lot of players make a major mistake when playing a short stack.

Online Bingo – All Major Credit Cards Accepted

What a great way to play a game no need to go to a town hall, no need to sit with strangers on a long table, no need to have to eat the unappetizing snacks, bingo can now be played online in the privacy of the – basically wherever the online player wants to play, practically anywhere around the globe for that matter. As long as there is an internet signal, the game is on.

Can You Use A Poker Bot?

Many Poker Bots are already sitting at online poker rooms. Does that infer that it is ethical for you to do this also? Lets get into that querie.

NL Texas Holdem Hand Selection

If you are not winning consistently in No Limit Texas Holdem, many times looking at your starting hand selection can be a great place to start. Everyone knows that you should play fairly tight and that most players play way too loose, but what about poker players that play too tight?

Rush Poker on Full Tilt

I have had several emails from players asking my opinion on the new “Rush Poker” on Full Tilt. In case you don’t play on FT or have not heard, this is a new cash ring game that you can sit down at, where you are whisked to a new table after every hand.

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