Best Bets: Rob Font vs Jose Aldo | ESPN MMA

Best Bets: Rob Font vs Jose Aldo | ESPN MMA

Sweepstakes – Ten Tips To Help You Win

Do you love entering sweepstakes? Ever wondered how you could improve your chances of winning? Or just want to know where to start? Read through my top tips for winning sweepstakes and get started towards that next big win!

Holdem Poker Rules – How to Play

Card playing has been a favorite American pastime for many years, and playing poker is the perhaps the most popular card game played today. Whether you are playing the game with friends for fun, or playing for big money online or in a tournament, the game is more complicated than you might realize. The basic holdem poker rules are straightforward, but the strategies are a little more complicated. Are you interested in learning how to play this popular card game? Would you like some Texas Holdem poker tips to help you win some games? Then the following rules and best poker tips are revealed with the following information.

Poker Security

One of the most important fundamentals of playing poker online is having a secure computer and poker account. We have all heard the horror stories of peoples’ accounts being hacked and vast sums of money being stolen, but the fact of the matter is that if you are smart about the security and protection of your computer your poker account will be almost impossible to get hacked. You would be surprised by even high stakes players’ lack of computer security considering the vast amount of money they keep online…

Dynamics of High Level Sit ‘N Go Play (Part II) – Expert Pre-Flop Raises

There are a few key factors to consider when deciding what amount to raise to pre-flop in a high level sit and go…The first factor you may want to consider when making a pre-flop raise is how big the blinds are in comparison to the stack sizes of the players in the blind positions. You should also consider the size of all the stacks that are behind you but specifically the blinds’ stacks are the most important.

Dynamics of High Level Sit ‘N Go Play (Part I)

There is usually a strong correlation between the dynamics of a particular tournament and its prize structure. This is especially true in Sit ‘N Go tournaments…

Playing Pocket Aces

You’re playing in a $2/$5 NL Cash Game, and everyone has effective chip stacks of exactly $1000. Three players limp in front of you for $5 and the action is on you. You look down and see pocket Aces. You want to raise, but what is the right amount?

My $5000 Poker Score

One of the biggest highlights of my poker career was scooping a $5,000+ pot in a live cash game. Of course, the money was nice, but it was effectively how I played the hand that I will remember for years to come…

Diversify Your Poker Portfolio

Everyone knows how crazy popular No Limit Hold ‘Em is. Couple the 2006 legislation that made it so difficult to fund online poker accounts with a growing, more savvy and educated poker market and the poker landscape right now has figuratively the same grinders chasing the same nickels. The games are so much tougher than they were just three or four years ago. Until the legislation is overturned, opening the flood gates for new poker sites to bloom and a slew of new donkeys anxiously depositing dead money to feed the online poker machine, poker players are finding new ways to keep the game interesting and profitable.

Sports Betting – NFL Picks Against the Spread

The favorite is the team which is most likely to win the match, while the underdog is the team that is very likely to lose. The beauty of NFL Picks Against the Spread betting is that bookmakers (the person handling the bets) can collect bets wagered on the points spread, not necessarily which team will win or lose.

Tips On Choosing Best Poker Rooms

If you are a novice, then play for free or join a low limit poker table. Don’t just expect to get lucky. Just keep on improving your game before making your mind to play at real money tables. Before choosing any online poker room, always make sure that it’s safe and secure to play. And only register at that online poker room which promises not to share your personal details with any third party.

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