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In addition to standard bets, online sportsbooks also offer prop bets. NFL games offer hundreds of betting options, and there are literally dozens of different markets. The number of prop bets grows, especially during the playoffs and Super Bowl. Proposition bets on players can yield long odds, and over/under bets are especially popular. Other popular markets include touchdown scorers and winning margin. In the NFL, over/under bets on team totals are among the most popular props.

When placing a football or basketball totals bet, be aware of the difference between the moneyline and the point spread. Moneylines reflect implied probabilities for a team to win, and the favorites’ moneylines tend to be smaller than they should be. In these cases, sports bettors will be influenced by the posted line, but a well-crafted prediction will help them recognize an incorrect line. If they aren’t aware of the difference between the two, hedging may be a good idea.

In the NFL, the most popular type of football betting is against the spread. The spread is a way for the sportsbook to level the playing field for both teams. When two teams are clearly better than each other, the sportsbooks will assign a points handicap to the favorite. For example, the Patriots are a (-7) point favorite over the Jets, meaning that they are likely to win by seven points or less. However, this does not necessarily mean they will win.

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