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NFL games are highly unpredictable, and the weather can have a major impact. Even teams that practice in fair weather will experience drastically different results in colder, windier conditions. Likewise, wet conditions can favor teams that prefer a run-heavy approach. This can also affect the point total, as inclement weather typically results in fewer points scored and shorter games. If you’re looking for a way to make money on NFL games, try wagering on these unpredictable events.

One of the biggest differences between NFL games and other North American leagues is the style of playoff games. While the better seed usually hosts the lower seed, the latter often wins the Wild Card Game, thereby playing in a tougher division. Consequently, betting on the NFL playoffs is not always about picking the better team, but rather about getting the best number or a hot team. The NFL playoffs also involve a week of overtime, which means that the players have to work a lot harder to win.

In addition to betting on games, you can also try to guess the outcomes by following the lines. In some cases, you can even track the movement of the odds to see which side will win. This is especially useful when the masses are betting on one side, while the odds move the opposite way. This is an indication of sharp bettors, so you can bet accordingly. A successful sports bet can bring home a large amount of cash!

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