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A simple way to win money when betting on sports is by tracking line movement. Sometimes, the odds move in the opposite direction when the mass is on one team. This indicates that sharp bettors have chosen the other team. You can also track the movement of the spread to determine if it’s a good time to bet on a team. But how do you tell which team is going to win? Here are some tips to help you get started.

The pace of play is a major factor to consider when betting on NFL games. If teams practiced in warm weather, they might have different results if the game is played in a cold climate. Likewise, if conditions are wet, they could favor teams with a running game. This affects the final score and the point total. When these conditions occur, the point total will be lower and the games will likely end sooner than normal.

If you’re new to sports betting, you can take advantage of some great welcome offers. BetMGM has a $10 free bet for every ten dollars you wager during the NFL season. The ‘Bet $10, Get $10’ promo is a popular way for the casino to reward their loyal customers. Unlike other large-name sportsbooks, BetMGM can offer better odds to its members. However, before you decide on a particular sportsbook, make sure you read its reviews before making your final decision.

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