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If you love betting on NFL games, you might want to consider the over/under total. This line reflects the public’s tendency to bet on the over, and you may have an advantage if you’re betting late in the week. Likewise, if you’re betting on the under, you could get an enormous advantage by betting on the team to go over instead of under. In fact, the over/under total for NFL games is often much higher than the actual score, so it’s a good idea to bet on the teams that have better defenses.

In NFL games, the point spread is usually placed around key numbers, such as the number of possessions per team and the number of scoring opportunities per team. While odds for the Super Bowl tend to be lower, the point spread is often smaller than you might think. This is because, in Sin City, a favorite might have -200 odds but that shrinks to -300 odds. Meanwhile, the underdog’s odds are likely to be much higher, and the moneyline may be longer and more lucrative.

If you don’t mind placing a bet on a specific team, you might also be interested in betting on props. NFL games feature dozens of markets with hundreds of betting options. The popularity of NFL props skyrocket during the postseason and the Super Bowl. In addition to player props, NFL futures are tied to team totals or results for the season. Similarly, betting on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl or Patrick Mahomes to finish MVP is a good option if you’re a fan of the team.

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