Best NBA Player Prop Bets for Game 4 of Celtics vs Warriors | NBA Betting Strategy | 6/10 Free Picks

Best NBA Player Prop Bets for Game 4 of Celtics vs Warriors | NBA Betting Strategy | 6/10 Free Picks

In NFL football games, there are two kinds of prop bets: team-based and player-based. Team props are similar to totals, like the Vikings over 3.5 sacks or Carson Wentz over 230.5 passing yards. Player props are similar to futures, but are tied to a team’s total and results for the season. The Chiefs to win the Super Bowl or Patrick Mahomes to finish as the MVP are both team props.

NFL games are impacted by weather. Even teams practicing in fair weather can have dramatically different results when the weather turns cold. Similarly, windy conditions can disrupt a passing game, while wet conditions can favor teams with more run-heavy approaches. Depending on the type of weather, the outcome of a game may also affect the total point score, leading to lower scoring affairs. Inclement weather can also affect the number of points scored, resulting in a quicker finish.

Another popular type of football wager is the point spread. Point spreads work by giving the underdog points, and taking points away from the favorite. For example, if the Chiefs are a (+10) point spread favorite in the Super Bowl, they must win by at least 11 points to cover the spread. If they lose by less than nine points, they would be a “push” in the betting odds. Therefore, you should consider betting on the underdog.

In addition to being a popular choice for aspiring bettors, online sportsbooks have many promotional offers to attract new customers. Some sportsbooks have a ‘Bet & Get’ promotion wherein you win a site credit for qualifying wagers. You can also bet on NFL games with your site credit. BetMGM’s bonus is worth a try if you’re a football fan. You can earn up to $800 in free money every month by placing qualifying wagers.

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