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Matt takes you through a betting preview for the Super Bowl between the Eagles and the Chiefs. Matt discusses how he found value for his NFL playoff early bets using OddsJam. The OddsJam sports betting software has real-time NFL odds from over fifty sportsbooks.

Matt looks at all of the different sportsbooks and comes up with his favorite boosts that the sportsbooks are offering. Matt looks at FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook.

He discusses his NFL sports betting strategy and shares how he finds value on all his picks. Matt explains how to find and place mathematically profitable bets using the OddsJam Positive EV and arbitrage tools.

Matt is excited about his early 2022-2023 NFL week bets. Using OddsJam to compare odds with other sportsbooks ensured Matt placed a profitable bets for the wild card games this weekend.

OddsJam has real-time NFL odds from over forty sportsbooks, including DraftKings and FanDuel. He thinks he currently has the best bets for NFL playoff games this weekend.

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Hey how's it going guys Matt here with Oddsjam in this video what I'm going to Do I'm going to talk Super Bowl And I'm gonna go through the different Kind of novelty Super Bowl special props That the sports books offer and give out A couple of my favorites Um looking at the game itself what I Will say It's pretty much settled around the Eagles being minus 115 to -125 favorites In the money line depending on where you Look if you're in Colorado like me you Can get them best offered at -116 which Is a pretty good price on the chief's Side of it they are slowly slowly Getting more of the handle and more of The money coming in their way so their Odds are getting a little bit less Favorable Right now best offered at plus 110 so if You want to lock in any sort of money Line or spread that I definitely Recommend hopping on oddsjam and hopping On the game page it's completely free Can line shop and make sure that you are Constantly getting the best odds for the Spread for the total for all that good Stuff but right off the bat let's talk About these Super Bowl specials so I Went in on um my own separate YouTube Channel Um I'll link it here Jedi Modi sports Betting where I gave my five a favorite

Specifically on FanDuel locked locked All of them in here so I'm not going to Just repeat the same thing I talked About in that video for those of you who Did watch it for those of you who didn't I recommend going to my own Solo YouTube Channel and checking that out but Looking at DraftKings there are a couple That I like here and I'm gonna go Through other sports books as well but Starting with DraftKings I really like Any player to have a 50 five plus yard Reception this hit in last year's Super Bowl thanks to a long T Higgins Touchdown to me I think the most likely Team to get this would be the Eagles I Know everybody thinks of Mahomes Throwing deep shots to his players Obviously he's more than capable of that But the way the Eagles play defense they Are willing to give up the underneath Route and um will refuse to get beat Over the Deep it's something that rarely Happens to the eagles they have the Number one passing defense for a reason And the chief's offense now the way they Play post Tyreek Hill they love taking The underneath route with Kelsey use Their running backs in the receiving Game so I think that the Eagles are more Likely to hit this but we are getting it For plus 250 odds which is pretty good Value Um since Hertz has come back from his

Shoulder injury he hasn't been as good Throwing the Deep Ball but the date of The Super Bowl will will be about eight Weeks removed and that is about the um Over the time frame of when it takes to Recover from a uh the the SC joint Sprain that he had grade two Um so having two weeks off from his last Game I think that his arm will be just Fine the Eagles had long touchdown Um throws available to them against the 49ers and the Giants that hurts just Missed I don't expect him to continue to Have that happen in the Super Bowl and Most reason why I like this one the way The Chiefs play Um their coverage in terms of their Secondary they're very very aggressive At the line so the Eagles if they try to Jam an eagles receiver like AJ brown or Devante Smith then the Eagles are able To beat them off the line They will have plenty of availability to Hit a deep shot so I really really do Like this one any player to have a 55 Plus yard reception plus 250 odds at DraftKings I'm gonna go ahead and lock This in for whatever they will allow They won't let me get the max on it but For those of you locking this in at home Whatever half a unit is for you is what I would recommend putting on this one That's what I put well that's what 50 Bucks is for me so that's what I would

Have liked to put Um the next one that I like here is any Player to have either 150 receiving Yards or 150 rushing yards obviously This is a very high total that's why We're getting odds all the way up to Plus 350 but when you think about the Players in this game I think there are Four that have potential for this couple Of them are obvious Travis Kelsey Obvious he could blow up the Eagles Don't really have the horses at Linebacker to keep up with Kelsey the Eagle or excuse me the Chiefs do such a Good job at getting him open it's one of The things that Andy Reid is best at is Just designing an offense to get an Elite player like Kelsey consistently Open and then also the chemistry that Kelsey and Mahomes have To be any type of coverage just because They always know what the other one is Looking to do so Kelsey's an option on The eagle side I think there are three Players I guess I should say four Players that have a chance to do this on The receiving side it's obvious it's Brown and it's Smith if the or if the Chiefs end up having legarius Sneed Trail AJ Brown I think that leaves Devonte Smith as a really good chance to Do this their second cornerback spot is Weak luxurious needs a great player I Still like AJ Brown in that matchup but

If they have him follow Brown that just Leaves a lot of availability for Smith And then I could see both Hertz and Sanders rushing for over 150 yards Hertz Did it in one game this year against the Packers Sanders did it in a game this year Against the Giants if the Eagles if this Ends up being one of those games that Isn't as close as we think in the Eagles Favor I think it's because they've just Been able to run the ball down the Throat of the Chiefs so the fact that we Can get them Um at plus 350 for someone to do it I Think is good value all of these I'm Unit sizing a little bit down because of The unlikelihood of them hitting despite The value being good Still plus 250 plus 350 odds So that's two on DraftKings that I Really like now for those of you that Can use bet Rivers Um I unfortunately cannot Um but there are some really really good Plays specifically for the Super Bowl Um that I like a lot number one I do Think this Chiefs to have 125 plus Rushing yards at plus 150 is pretty good Value like if I like to get in this one They will let me get 25 cents is what That Rivers will let me get on this one Very nice of them but the eagle or the Chiefs if they want to it all depends on

Andy Reed will have the opportunity to Have success running the ball depending On how the Eagles play defense with Isaac Isaiah Pacheco excuse me now Andy Reed is and one tenant loves to Pass the ball does not love to run the Ball so This one I'm a little bit more nervous About despite it being a lower total at 125 but depending on how the Eagles play Defense in one way that they can Counteract the chief's passing game Would leave them vulnerable to the run And the Chiefs have a very good run Blocking offensive line which is not What we expect from the Chiefs Creed Humphrey Trey Smith Joe thuni Orlando Brown really really good run blockers They could have an advantage if they Choose to play that way We'll have to see this one I'm a little Bit more nervous about but I do think The value on it is good And then there are two more that I Really like um number one over two and a Half players to attempt a pass in the Super Bowl this one hit last year it hit In uh the last time the Eagles were in The Super Bowl obviously four players Attempted a pass in that game Um 25 cents on this one as well both the Eagles and the Chiefs are teams that Like to be creative especially the Chiefs siriani hasn't quite been as

Creative and as Um as willing to do trick plays as Doug Peterson seemed to be but in the Super Bowl I could see both of these teams Breaking something out but I would Probably put the Chiefs as more likely And then the last one here these are Just looking at like novelty props and Boosts and stuff that I like is a son Reddick to record the most sacks in this Game so we'll see how much they let me Get on this one the wager is too high I Could not get anything on it such as Life but Hassan Reddick has been an Absolute Beast I mean all year Especially in the playoffs he's Definitely the favorite to have the most Sacks in this game plus 300 odds the People that could contend with him Obviously on the chief side Chris Jones Frank Clark are good on the Eagles side It's probably Josh sweat but I think Hassan Reddick has the best matchup of Any pass rusher him against Andrew Andrew Wiley the Chiefs right tackle is Obviously Advantage Reddick he Dominated to write tackles that are Probably on par with Andrew Wiley and The uh Giants and the 49ers game in Back-to-back weeks just dominated them So plus 300 odds for that I do think is Quite good value and that's going to be It for this video so five novelty kind Of boost Super Bowl props for you guys

To lock in that I think are all really Good um so if you're tailing these five Comment and let me know but that's all I Got so I appreciate everybody watching And have a good one

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