Best NFL DFS Plays Week 14 | PrizePicks, Underdog Fantasy NFL Player Props

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Daily Fantasy Sports is a fun way to play fantasy baseball or football and make some money while you do it! In this video, we’ll share with you our favorite underdog fantasy and PrizePicks player props.

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These are players we think you should consider playing in your fantasy leagues today, regardless of the matchup. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, these underdogs will give you a chance to win some money!

Matt goes through the best NFL player props for Thursday Night Football

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All right what is up everybody it's Matt Modi here with oddsgam here to give you My favorite DFS plays for NFL Sunday Week 14. so I'm going to be using the Oddsjam screen to find these plays now The beauty of the oddsdame screen and of These DFS companies Um well using the oddm screen for these DFS companies and I'm specifically Talking about price picks in Underdog Um Is the oxym screen pulls up where every Sportsbook is pricing a market at and Then you can just use the sports books To find pricing discrepancies to take Advantage of them so the perfect example Of what I'm talking about here and this Is just between prize picks and Underdog Is look at the passing yardage Difference in Ryan Tannehill from Price Picks to Underdog that's a 10 yard Gap From these two books so literally just Middle them take the under on Underdog Take the over on prize picks and Obviously if he lands between 191 and 200 you win both your uh both your Player props and you could do this all Across the board so some of them have Bigger gaps than others I probably need A bigger Gap than these two yards right Here in these six yards right here But there is one that was just Ridiculous and it's just Jared gofflin Right here so Jared Goff at 260 and a

Half passing yards on prize picks and 274 and a half on Um Underdog that's a 14 yard Gap now if You just wanted to take one of these you Didn't want to take both you didn't want To Middle it totally fine the Jared Goff Over on price picks is the clear play Here the reason why I know that look at Where every other sports book is pricing This every book except for bet Rivers Has this at in the 270s I mean this one Bet Rivers is at 263. if you're just Looking for a player prop straight up This would also be a really good one to Take Jared Goff over Um it's 263 and a half passing yards at Bet Rivers because look at where the Other books price it bet MGM 274. Caesars 274. DraftKings 274 and that's Important because DraftKings is one of The sharpest Sports books in the world In terms of pricing player props Specifically they do a really good job With player props so getting it 11 yards Higher on DraftKings or I guess I should Say DraftKings pricing at 11 yards Higher than bet Rivers is a good sign Pinnacle which is the sharpest Sportsbook in the world has it at 274 And a half so same line as DraftKings And then we see 270 275 so this 263 and A half Is an insane outlier compared to the Rest of the markets compared to the rest

Of the sports books so if you just Wanted to take one then I would Recommend the price picks one like I Mentioned but for me personally I think It makes sense to Middle both of them Like that's a 15 yard gap between where Prize picks and Underdog where he could Land and if he and if you hit the middle For both of them which isn't outrageous Like you know That's a 10 yard gap for the Ryan Tannehill one that's from between 190 And 200 there's probably a 10 5 to 10 Percent chance that he lands in between Those two numbers which in sports Betting is a pretty big deal getting a Middle opportunity at that big of a Number is a pretty big deal And then we see the Jared Goff one 20 260 to 275 a 15-yard gap between these Two so again I recommend middling both Between the Jared Goff and the Ryan Tannehill one and to keep in mind this Is just one market so I found two Um I found a total of four player props To lock in for these DFS companies the Over on Ryan Tannehill and Jared Goff on Prize picks in the under on Ryan Tannehill and Jared Goff on Underdog two Plays for each one that I think are Really good that I think is a really Good way that Jared Goff one is up here Excuse me really good way to find Profitable DFS plays using the odd sham

Screen and like I said I've just talked About one market do you want to go to Receiving yards you can find place here As well both for DFS specifically and Then also just for um like straight up Betting opportunities as well like this Jared Goff one really really good value Getting this Jared Goff one at um At 263 and a half so now if we want to Look at player receiving yards we can do That as well and see where we can find Some value So the player the player receiving yards Is pulled up here again you want to look For differences across the sports books So the numbers are going to be at a Little bit of a bigger Gap specifically On Um specifically on players passing yards Because obviously the passing yards are The highest but I mean here we see a Good this isn't DFS specific but we see A good play on an under receiving yards For KJ Osborne we're getting it at 24 And a half and every other book has it At 23 and a half and Pinnacle heavily Favors it going under at 23 and a half So not as big of a gap as the 15 yards We found on Jared Goff but also these Numbers are significantly lower so one Yard for receiving yards as low as 23 And a half is obviously a bigger deal Than one yard for player passing yards So

Couple things to keep in mind when you Are using these um using the odd sham Screen to find profitable player props So you can go through and find good ones Like here's a good under for Isaiah McKenzie for Underdog specifically DraftKings and Pinnacle have it at 30. We are getting it at 32. stuff like that Is what you should be looking out for But for this video specifically the two Player passing yards ones are my Absolute favorite those are awesome so Definitely make sure I definitely Recommend I should say to Middle those And that's going to be it so I Appreciate you guys watching and have a Good one

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