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Sports bettors will want to be aware of injuries during the season, especially in the NFL. A team’s chances to win can drastically change when key players are out. As a result, it is important to read injury reports carefully before placing a wager. However, injuries aren’t the only thing to look out for. The absence of a superstar can also affect the odds of a game. That’s why seasoned bettors are constantly scouring the injury reports for any injuries to key players.

For instance, in the NFL, you can place a bet on which team will win a game by scoring more touchdowns. While the totals may seem low, props are based on player statistics. The Vikings are one example of a team prop. For quarterbacks, you can place a wager on whether Carson Wentz will pass for more than 230.5 yards. Other football betting props are futures, which are related to the season totals and results. For example, the Kansas City Chiefs could win the Super Bowl, and Patrick Mahomes might finish as the MVP.

In the NFL, point spreads work by giving points to the underdog and subtracting points from the favorite. A team with a “.5” point spread is favored by the sportsbook, but it can lose by half a point to lose the game. Similarly, a team that has an “over” score will win the game by 11 points or less, and the opposite is true. In both cases, the payout odds are one-to-one.

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