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In this video, we’re going to share 4 INSANE bets you can make today in college basketball. From the No. 1 ranked team to the hottest player in the country, we’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re a casual bettor or a hardcore fan, these bets are sure to excite you. And if you’re looking for the best sports betting sites, we’ve got you covered there too! With our recommendations, you’re sure to find the best places to bet on college basketball today!

What's up Sports betters pretty funny I Didn't realize college basketball was on Thanksgiving these poor college kids got To play basketball I'm gonna bet on them While eating turkey so this is going to Be pretty great I have four early bets Locked in let's go ahead and let's get Into it I say it all the time you never Know when lines are gonna start to move But lines are moving in college Basketball and I was able to find four Incredible plays so where do you want to Start why don't we start with the worst Bets not actually but I have Denver Minus one and a half in Denver money Line started ripping towards Denver I Say this all the time but as a sharp Better you're looking for value And there's a lot of ways to do that I Don't want to act like there's you know One way to skin the cat but um You know you can use the screen you can Follow line movements you can look for Middles but basically you want to use Real-time Market data the past means Nothing every game is different I don't Know why so many people get hung up on The sports and the historical data it's Irrelevant it's all encompassed in the Real time odds right which are a market You know like let's say something Happens at a company that's reflected in The stock price it's a market based on Supply and demand and all information

Available at the time and what's so Amazing about sports betting is every Sportsbook sets lines independently so We can ruthlessly compare lines between Buckies and find those rare betting Opportunities where Sports books are Slipping up So I went with Denver moneyline Denver Minus two and a half you can see both my Plays here and the amount of money you Can see also the lines moved slightly I Was trying to bet at -130 and moved to -134 so I hit it So I say this all the time but like this Market is dynamic you know it's very Dynamic it's always moving Um and another thing I say is the reason A lot of people are like why don't you Just bet on Sports full time and this is The reason it's not scalable right only 327.85 I could get on this tennis player If I wanted it so it's a fun lucrative Side hustle and I love it but like and You can beat the books but you can't bet Whatever you want right so we're earning A three percent profit margin roughly on Both of our plays which you can see Right here Denver money line in Denver minus two And a half this Duke play I gave out on Twitter but here you can see these two So we're earning you know that's like Six hundred dollars you have a four Percent return or three percent return

Since we got slightly lower odds I mean You get the point like we made 18 in EV There I just made 18 by placing these Two bets the bets have 18 in value So two really good plays following the Line movements hunting for Value we have One two three four five six seven eight Nine ten Sports books well these are the Same so nine Sports books the oddsgm Column is just the Pinnacle column but We have nine other data points all Telling us yo FanDuel is giving you way Too good of a line on Denver the only Sports book kind of close is steak so we Use all this data in the market to be Like yeah that's pretty good right That's amazing value we're beating The Vig beating the juice I say this all the Time but like the only Advantage Sportsbooks have on you and we can go to The next play I'm on Wisconsin plus Seven and a half on Caesars Um Which you can see right here I hit it For 250 and again you know I gave out This play on Twitter Um I gave out this play on Twitter so I Say this all the time but like this Doesn't math doesn't apply to one sport You know Wisconsin plus seven and a half Is the next play we're getting a full Point of value you know I say this all The time but like when you're betting at Minus 110 juice a lot of people are like

Oh gambling it's so bad you can't make Money it's like that's not true when You're betting at -110 odds right you Have to bet 11 to win back 10. so you Want to take the over the under the Favored spread the underdog spread equal And opposite outcomes these are equal And opposite outcomes Kansas wins the Game by eight or more points or they Don't right So these are equal and opposite outcomes In the Sportsbook saying you have to bet 11 to win back 10. that's the Sportsbook's advantage on you they make You bet that extra dollar they make you Bet 11 to win back 10 not bet 10 to win Back 10. so that's called the vague the Juice but when you're betting at -110 Odds you only need to win 52.38 of your Wagers as you'll see right Here to break even Right it's not like you have to win 100 Of your Wagers sharp Bettors are winning On spreads total sides whatever you want To call it at minus 110 juice like 55 Percent of the time So because we're getting a full point in Value I mean look at this right every Other sports book Has the line set at six and a half Kansas says a six and a half so that Extra point in value brings our win Probability above 52.38 percent Um and gives us a sharp positive EV play

We're following the market the market is Smarter than us the sportsbooks invest Hundreds of millions of dollars into Their trading technology the only way You're going to beat them Is by using their odds against each Other you use all these Sports books as Data points of where the line should be Set They're all independent data points Running around setting lines Independently and then you look for Those rare few betting opportunities Where the sports bucks are slipping up Sometimes it's in college basketball Sometimes it's in the NFL like you can See look how much crap you can bet on on FanDuel it's literally insane so out of All this stuff it's not like they're Messing most of them up most plays Aren't good enough to beat the vague Beat the juice but oddsjam updates Millions of odds right for college Basketball every second in real time Player prop spreads totals everything Every sport to try to show you those Rare few betting opportunities that are Actually profitable right making the Data actionable And again lines are always moving Players are getting injured and the NFL Weather changes right let's say the Weather is going to be windy okay Passing yard lines have to go down okay

Rushing yard totals probably have to go Up the game will probably be lower Scoring all these things are encompassed In real-time Market odds not historical Data stop looking at historical data Lineup changes sharp action all Reflected in the market in real time This Market's open 24 freaking seven So next play I have Memphis Seton Hall Over 137 boom four percent Edge you open It up and you're like dang every other Bookie has the spread at 138 or has the Total at 138 half Or 139 half Pinnacle sharpest bookmaker In the world has it two and a half Points higher bet online sharp offshore Sports book one and a half so on top of This play being good we're really Confident it's good right because There's so many sports books posting Odds it's so clear so I locked it in Boom 1.1 K is what they gave me Here's the four plays again I've been Tracking it in the sheet of my profit And loss four plays 72-35 in profit Margin you take this 1100 you multiply It by four percent and that's your Profit margin in dollars right it's Literally as simple as hitting the bet In bold with a circle around it Literally it's that simple it's that Simple Um one final thing I'd like to note Is just track your bets you know what's

Cool about oddsjam is you know and again I ride with you guys on all these plays Had a brutal freaking loss last night Some nice wins though you know had a Parlay you know bunch of different stuff Out there but what I say is like I ride With you guys on all these plays and Also you can now sync your sports books Not all of them uh most some most sports Books actually don't allow it and you do Have to do it for every state so if You've moved then you have a win bet Account in two states you have to sync It in two states but essentially there Are six Sports books that work you can Sync them all if you want and it will Show you your profit and loss you know Over time Um as well as it'll automatically track Your bets grade them as wins or losses You can see we had SDSU yesterday Automatically sync from sharp Sports it Lost You know Hawks minus three and a half One so anyways you get the point those Are my three plays let's make money tons Of plays today let's make money

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