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Matt takes you through a betting preview for the Super Bowl between the Eagles and the Chiefs. Matt discusses how he found value for his NFL playoff early bets using OddsJam. The OddsJam sports betting software has real-time NFL odds from over fifty sportsbooks.

He discusses his NFL sports betting strategy and shares how he finds value on all his picks. Matt explains how to find and place mathematically profitable bets using the OddsJam Positive EV and arbitrage tools.

Matt is excited about his early 2022-2023 NFL week bets. Using OddsJam to compare odds with other sportsbooks ensured Matt placed a profitable bets for the wild card games this weekend.

OddsJam has real-time NFL odds from over forty sportsbooks, including DraftKings and FanDuel. He thinks he currently has the best bets for NFL playoff games this weekend.

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Hey how's it going everybody Matt Modi Here with oddsjam As you can guess it just more and more Talk about the Super Bowl Um one thing that I have noticed with um The lines in the movement with the Super Bowl is there's been some really really Interesting line movements specifically With the total so obviously it depends On when you're watching this but I Recorded a video a video earlier today And the total was majority of books had It at 49 and a half with some having it At 50. now look at where the total is Not only has has Pinnacle increased the Total up to 50 and a half but they're Also heavily favoring the total going Over as well They have the overpriced at -113 with The under at plus 100 so if you click This little button here and remove The Vig they have the true line of the total At minus 106 towards the over juicing it Towards the over and thanks to using Oddsjam and using the line shopping tool Depending on the state you're located in You can actually get Bali bet to get The total being over 50. At -110 odds so not only is it a half Point lower but you're still getting it At even money now if you click view Alternate lines in a new tab it pulls up Where every Sportsbook prices every line Of this total so you can get a better

Idea of like alternate lines and stuff And wear Pinnacle which is what we use As the source of Truth here prices some Of the main lines or the alternate lines And as you can see they have the over 50 Priced at minus 123 with the under at Plus 107 and remember we're getting this At Bali bet at -110 so if you remove The Vig on this one puts the true line of This at -14 so the minus 110 odds at Value that is a very very profitable Positive expected value bet that I found Using oddsjam using the screen and the Line shopping tool Another reason why I like this one so Much is majority or the excuse me the Sharp Sports books like Pinnacle like Bookmaker like that online they have This total priced up to 51. now that 50 To 51 is a pretty big deal because like 27 to 24 is a very very common score in The NFL if that happens the TR the uh 51 Would push the over 50 would hit so Getting these little edges are Incredibly incredibly valuable so for Those of you watching this if you can Get Bali bet in your state and if you Can't or excuse me I would check if you Don't know I would definitely check Because it's legal where I am it's legal And I know I'm in Colorado I know it's Legal in Virginia because I just moved From there So it's legal in more States than you

Might expect and I would also check and See what uh Sports books if you don't Have Bali bet maybe there is a book that I don't have that you do check to see Where the total is at the um Sports Books that you use make sure that you're Using oddstam to line shop of course so It's literally all on one screen I don't Have to go through each book that you See up here and find out what they price The total at but just know that totals Are ripping towards the over in Literally the matter of a day the total Has increased by a full uh point and a Half or Point depending on where you're Looking and that's a really really big Deal the Super Bowl gets so much betting Action that it takes a lot of money to Swing a line This dramatically so just Know that it's been a ton uh of money Coming in on the over in this game One thing that I wanted to look at in Regards to the total is the team total Specifically because you can actually Get some really good values specifically On the Chiefs so they're pricing or I Should say majority of books are pricing There over 24 and a half Um and some of them like bet online Juices the over right they have the over At -120 they're juicing the over and you Can get it at minus 105 at both that MGM And DraftKings Then as you can see Pinnacle

Um prices the true line of this at 26 And a half so two points higher so we're Getting a pretty good price here at 24 And a half now I understand that 25 and 26 isn't the most common Point totals Right it's a little bit of funkiness Needs to happen in order to get the Chiefs to score 25 or 26 like they go For two they miss an extra point they um Go for two minutes something weird would Need to happen but it's a type of value That is difficult to pass up on so I Actually have already locked in the team Total for the Chiefs that last time I Checked they wouldn't let me even put More on it I could try again like I Would like to risk to win a unit on this One I can try and see if they will let Me so let me get 32 dollars in 31 cents So I will lock that in because that is a Profitable mathematically profitable Play Let me just add this to my bet Tracker as well Really important to be tracking your Bets so the odd Jam bet tracker Completely free we also just uh um added Our I we I HDM the engineers just added A bunch of different updates to the BET Tracker making it really cool uh like This sweat station they added you can Like basically be sweating out your bets In live time and you can see your profit And loss for every day Um for every day of a month so I can

Literally see how good January was to me So definitely recommend using the HDM Bet tracker but regardless for this Video Hammer the over if you haven't yet Hammer the Chiefs specifically team Total over if you oh yeah okay so they Wouldn't even let me get it betting on One or more that's restricted they Literally wouldn't even let me bet on This Market as well which is lame but it Is what it is so I actually need to Delete that from my bet tracker because They didn't let me bet it Um but regardless I definitely Definitely recommend um like I said Checking out the oddsjam that tracker Checking out the positive EV page the Line shopping tool everything that on Sham has to offer because there are a Ton of profitable excuse me profitable Bets to add For the Super Bowl but for this video That's all I got so appreciate everybody Watching and have a good one

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