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In this video, Matt gives out his favorite Super Bowl 2023 novelty props. Matt focuses on specifically on the gatorade bath color. Let us know by emailing!

Matt does a deep dive on the color of the gatorade bath using the information provided by BetMGM Sportsbook.

Watch Matt go through the odds and give his picks and predictions for this novelty prop bet for the Super Bowl.

Matt loves betting on football, and he has made money doing so. He was up over 14 units last season betting four plays a week.

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When it comes to betting on the Super Bowl there is no shortage of novelty Props that Sports Bettors can bet on one Of these novelty props that has become The most popular or one of the most Popular is the color of the Gatorade Bath so in this video I will be talking About betting on the Gatorade bath color For the Super Bowl giving my predictions My odds previous winners diving in Significantly longer than necessary on The color of the Gatorade bath for the Super Bowl winner So I will share my screen here and right Now oddjam does have the odds for the Super Bowl Gatorade color it also has Odds for a ton of other random markets Like we have MVP odds MVP position Whether it be a safety a bunch of random Future Um fun novelty props for everybody to Bet on for the Super Bowl so make sure That no matter what Market you're Betting on even if it is a random one Like the Gatorade color that you use Jam To find the best odds as of right now Not every Sportsbook has odds posted but As the week goes on the weeks go on Um we will have odds from every major Sports book right now we're just working With Um uh giraffe Kings So right off the bat a couple things to Note here let's talk about the odds

First so the betting favorite right now Is Orange right orange is being offered At plus 350 which means basically for Every one dollar bet you will make three Dollars and fifty cents so if you bet Ten dollars you would profit 35 if you Bet a hundred dollars you would profit 350. that's how the odds work in this Case orange being the betting favorite Does make a lot of sense um last time And the only time the Chiefs won the Super Bowl two years ago with Andy Reid The color was orange so there is the Precedent set there that does make sense Next up Is blue at plus 400 tied with yellow Slash green for uh also four plus four Hundred let's talk about blue for a Second so the Eagles are more of a green Color so you might ask yourself okay Well why is blue being favored or why is Blue one of the favorites here it's Because three out of the last four Super Bowl winners Have been drenched with blue Gatorade The Rams last year the color was blue The year before that the Bucks the color Was blue the Bucks uniforms aren't blue But they were still bathed in blue Gatorade then obviously the year before That was the Chiefs when they won the Super Bowl that was the orange color the Year prior to that was the Patriots they Were blue so recent history does suggest

Blue being a valuable option which is Why it's at Plus 400. The reason why yellow and green is up There is because of the Eagles side of It if the Eagles win the Super Bowl the Guess here is that that they will Probably be drenched in the color yellow Slash green when the Eagles this is Basically lemon lime the reason why it Is categorized as yellow slash green It's giving you lemon lime last time the Eagles won the Super Bowl five years ago Doug Peterson was drenched in a color That was lemon lime so there you have it If I am giving my advice it really Doesn't make sense to place a bet on any Of these that is outside of blue orange Or yellow slash green I don't see a Scenario in which it's any of these Other colors red pink I don't see at Plus 450 giving you the next best odds Clear slash water I don't think makes a Ton of sense as the next one it was used Like four straight years or excuse me Yeah it's used for four straight years Back in like 2006 to 2009 something like That but it hasn't been used since so Getting clear slash water at plus 500 Odds I don't think makes a ton of sense Um the next one purple the last time Purple was used was when the Giants La Won their most recent Super Bowl Um which was with Tom Coughlin years ago I think that was 11 12 years ago at this

Point when the Giants beat the Patriots For the second time none is an option Here because the curmudgeon Bill Belichick um no the last time no Gatorade bath happened at all also Happened to be the only game that went To overtime so I'm not necessarily it's Not actually Bill Belichick's fault why There was no Gatorade bath it was Probably because it was the only time The game went into overtime The only time the Super Bowl I should Say ever went into overtime so really When it comes down to the analysis I Could see the argument for blue I could See the argument for orange and yellow Slash green If I'm giving my analysis the safest bet Here is probably blue as I mentioned Blue has been used uh for three out of The last four seasons even with teams That didn't have their uniform colored Blue for example the Bucks I mentioned They were uh they were not their uniform Is not colored blue but when Tom Brady Won the Super Bowl with the Bucks it was A blue Gatorade bath last year was blue So the safest option I'm gonna say is Probably blue if I were to give my Prediction now depending on who you Think is going to win you could Obviously get some value if you think The Chiefs are going to win the game Then maybe a good way instead of betting

The Chiefs money line is how about you Bet the color orange for the cheat for The Gatorade bath getting that at plus 350. if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl They're probably going to have an orange Colored Gatorade that's what happened Last time the precedent is there as I Mentioned the only time In the past Um past four years that wasn't blue it Was because it was orange so if you do Think the Chiefs are going to win Straight up it would make a ton of sense To have orange as your prediction here At plus 350 odds The obviously the same is true if you Like the eagles when the Eagles won the Super Bowl this the color was lemon lime Which is what this is being dictated Here so if you think the Eagles are Going to win the Super Bowl how about You just instead of betting on their Money line you can get plus 400 odds to Get this at yellow slash green so it all Depends on what you would like to do Because the odds are so favorable They're all for plus money you could Theoretically bet on um multiple options Here you could bet on both orange and Yellow slash green because the odds are So favorable that if you think it's Going to be if you think that it's going To be team specific no matter who if the Eagles or Chiefs win they're not going

To have an agnostic blue like they've Had three out of the past four years They're gonna have a team specific color Like when the Chiefs won like when the Eagles won just put whatever amount that You're comfortable betting on both the Orange and yellow slash green as long as You're comfortable if it's none of them Obviously there is the risk there but my Analysis it's definitely according to me And that this isn't sourced or anything I think that it's definitely going to be One of blue orange or yellow slash green So any of those three I can make the Argument for as I mentioned for me as You can see in the background here I'm An Eagles fan of course I have to go With yellow slash green the value is on The Eagles winning if you just look at The odds themselves which I mentioned in My Super Bowl betting preview so me I'm Going to put my money on yellow slash Green gonna go ahead and lock this in on DraftKings which is where we are pulling Odds from currently but I could make the Argument for blue and orange as I Mentioned so I will leave the decision Entirely up to you but that is going to Be it for this video going deeper than Anybody needed to when it comes to the Color of the Gatorade bath and that's it So if you're locking in one of these if You're locking in a different one than The top three I mentioned comment and

Let me know Other than that would appreciate it if You could like the video subscribe all That good stuff gonna have a ton of Different novelty props coming out for You guys so appreciate you watching and Have a good one

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