Breaking Down the Best Wild Card Weekend Props with @Hitman428 | Covers Daily NFL Playoff Edition

Breaking Down the Best Wild Card Weekend Props with @Hitman428 | Covers Daily NFL Playoff Edition

Are There Really Texas Holdem Poker Systems That Work?

In horse racing there are systems that help bettors win and in other forms of gambling, such as roulette there are systems, but are there really poker systems? There are certainly people who will tell you that they have a system for winning at poker, but when it comes to get rich quick schemes for winning Texas Holdem, or any money game for that matter, a healthy dose of skepticism is called for.

The 4 Faces of Patience – The Essential Poker Skill

If you could define an expert poker player with just one word, that word would be patience. A good player has to wait a lot, remain calm at all times, and be satisfied with the gradual path. These are all aspects of patience. Here we’ll go over the four aspects of a patient player to give you a better idea of what this means.

The Truth Behind Online Casino Bonuses – How to Avoid Getting Gypped

Every online casino offers bonuses. Every online casino bonus comes with its own terms and conditions, but many players have no clue what it takes to redeem them. In this article readers will see exactly what the advantages and disadvantages found with online casino bonuses. Learn how to avoid ruining online casino promotions and discover what it takes to cash out free casino bonuses.

Is Winning the Lottery a Curse? Warning! What You Must Know Before Cashing in Big at the Lottery!

Is winning the lottery a curse? Are you actually better off broke, bored and swimming in bills? If you are anything like I used to be before I started researching lottery winners, you probably think that bringing home BIG bucks in the lotto is like a gift from god, right? But the simple truth is that many lottery winners have gone from rags to RICHES…and then back to rags again, and the amazing thing is, it’s almost impossible to understand.

The Futility of Bluffing in Most Poker Games

We’ve all watched the top poker players in the world compete for a bracelet at the last table in a major tournament and we’ve all seen them pull a bluff and steal a pot or two. There is nothing more exciting than waiting breathlessly to see if the other player will read the bluff or fall for it. It is that excitement and rush that many players crave and that is why so many try to bluff and so many wind up getting bumped out of tournaments.

The Secret of Rating Poker Hands That the Pros Use

Do you think the same pros wind up at the last table in a poker tournament by accident? Of course not, you know they get there with their skill. But did you know that part of that skill is knowing a few secrets, such as how to really rate a poker hand beyond the percentages that are found in most books?

Rakeback – Why Do Online Poker Sites Offer Rakeback?

Many online poker players are probably skeptical when they are offered free money in the form of rakeback: After all, why are the online poker rooms rewarding me for playing poker? The reason has to do with quantity and player retention.

How to Play Craps – A Psychological Viewpoint

Do you know how to handle yourself at a craps table? Do you often get nervous and lose concentration? Your emotions are controlling you and that is a recipe for doom. A good knowledge of how to play craps and a method of play can really help.

Latest Bookmaker Offers

There is an endless list of bookmakers, poker, casino & bingo companies, financial spread betting & fixed odds trading business, who are wanting your business. To get the best out of these companies it is of vital importance, that you check out their credentials – how long have they been in business, website security levels, depositing & withdrawing money & ease of use with the betting platforms. You want to be involved in a business that you feel comfortable with & you are not going to get a hard time over, at the first sign of a problem…

Defining the Qualities of Good and Bad Poker Players

In one of the top masterpieces of Soviet satire, a brilliant con artist, to win a bit of money, convinces a local small-town chess club that he is a traveling maestro and organizes a tournament. He first gathers the fees from the awe-struck yokel-enthusiasts and then plays “twelve identical matches” without understanding much of what he is actually doing, this being the second chess game of his lifetime, but placing the figures more or less correctly, with the terrified locals reading too much into his banal moves.

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