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We have a hot pick for you today in the NBA now as you know we keep track of What's going on with all the games and The recent Trends and today we've got a What we believe is an easy winner for You hi this is for spinning wheel with join us to get all the Picks every day just by sending us an Email and that's all it takes go to so let's get back to What's the hot pick today we're really Impressed with the Cleveland Cavaliers They're they're on a real hot streak Right now they're finally completely Healthy they're fighting for a playoff Position they have all the motivation And they're playing against Brooklyn Nets as you know Brooklyn Nets gave up Durant and Irving and right now Simmons Is hurt so they don't have the same team They used to and it's showing they've Lost four and four straight and they're Definitely struggling so we got a team On the rise against a team that's going Backward so we recommend that you take The Cleveland Cavaliers today right now The current spread is minus four the Game is at 7 30 p.m Eastern Time For more selections please browse Through the video site right now and to Learn more about how to become a Professional sports better and make Money on on a side hustle or for a Living

Browse through all the different videos You'll see there's plenty of Informational videos for you and of Course make sure you subscribe so that You are notified when these new picks Come out thank you very much

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