CFL Best Bets, Expert Picks | Football Betting Strategies | Canadian Football League Week 15

Many sportsbooks offer proposition markets, which allow you to bet on specific in-game events without knowing the outcome. For instance, the pace of play determines how many possessions each team will get and the number of scoring opportunities. While a game can be won or lost by one team, you can make more money betting on an undervalued team. For example, the Bengals were a poor value by the bookmakers early in the 2021 season, but you can make money betting on them now.

NFL games, in particular, are popular for sports betting, and online sportsbooks offer hundreds of different props. Props are betting options not based on specific player stats, and they are popular during postseason and Super Bowl games. Most popular props include over-under bets and touchdown scorer markets. In addition, betting on the team’s winning margin will earn you big payouts if you bet on the home team.

NFL playoffs differ from most other North American leagues, because the games are one-game single-elimination. Instead of playing in a two-game series, the better team often hosts the lower seed. This means that the lower seed is usually favored, because it will play in a tougher division. In some ways, NFL playoff betting is not about picking the better team, but about a hot team or a great number.

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