Closing Line Value (CLV) in Sports Betting | Why You are Losing Money!

The betting public likes to bet on the over. If you can pick a game where the total is 49.5 instead of 50, that’s a big advantage. In the same way, you can shop for the best over/under lines to bet on. However, be careful not to get swayed by the crowd. While you’re at it, always keep your objectivity and your bankroll in mind. There are many ways to increase your winnings when betting on sports.

NFL games feature team and player-based outcomes known as props. Prop bets are similar to totals, but they are based on specific outcomes such as a team’s performance in a game. Some examples of team props include the Vikings Over 3.5 sacks or the Carson Wentz Over 230.5 passing yards. You can also wager on a team’s season-ending total or player future. For example, you can bet on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl, or Patrick Mahomes to be named MVP.

A standard betting sportsbook table lists the wagering options for each team. Most tables include two lines of information for each team. You can choose between the Point Spread, Moneyline, and Over/Under (Total) markets. Each team’s numbers will be listed as either positive (+) or negative (-). Generally, a minus sign denotes a favorite team and a plus sign represents an underdog. To determine which team’s odds are the best, check their winning percentage and odds.

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