Dear Mr. Fantasy – Week 10

Dear Mr. Fantasy - Week 10

Online Casino Software

Online Casino Software Good casino software makes all the difference between an OK casino and a great one. Of course there are other factors to take into account when choosing where to play, such as customer service and speedy withdrawals, but at the very heart of the casino is the software that powers it. It is essential that the software itself is reliable, fair and random.

Robbing the Blinds – Attack, Defence and Open Play – Part 4

A solid approach to Blind Play allows you to freeroll in the other 4 positions when not stealing but there is no need to get carried away. If your blind play is solid, the open play can be selectively aggressive. You will already have a reasonable VPIP/PFR figure from your Blind stealing, so pick you spots for good, solid positional open play when you decide to go into battle.

Robbing the Blinds – Attack, Defence and Open Play – Part 3

The aim is to reduce the 25bb/100 hands blind cost and there are 33 opportunities to do this, 16 in the SB and 17 in the BB (we start the 100 hands in the BB). The first step is to define our standard reduction targets using 3 groups…

Robbing the Blinds – Attack, Defence and Open Play – Part 2

If the blinds defend you will face a 3-bet or a call. If you do anything other than fold to a 3-bet it takes you into open (post steal) play with a large, potentially all-in pot and detailed 3/4/5 bet dynamics are outside the remit of this article. Therefore we will assume you shove with QQ+ and fold everything else.

Robbing the Blinds – Attack, Defence and Open Play – Part 1

Introduction – Poker is a game of risk and investment with profit the desired outcome. You only risk losing money if you decide to enter the pot outside the blinds, always lose money if you fold the blinds, pay rake to the person or company hosting the game and may receive a % rebate but only if you ask for it.

Poker Mathematics – Part 10 – The Nash Equilibrium Strategy

This is the final part of the series. The Nash Equilibrium Strategy is a Game Theory Optimal Strategy by John Forbes Nash. It is a strategy which will win the most money possible against an opponent who always chooses the best possible counter-strategy to yours.

Poker Mathematics – Part 9 – The Bluff Formula Explained

We need to start with the standard B/E Formula. B/E Formula for Fold Equity. The basic B/E Formula is Win Value = Lose Value or Win Value – Lose Value = 0.

Poker Mathematics – Part 8 – The Warm Semi-Bluff

If you choose to make a cold bluff raise, the option to fold to a re-raise is always part of the decision process, where bet size is linked to how often your opponent needs to fold and no EV calculation is required. There is also a ‘full blooded’ all-in bluff, where you put maximum immediate pressure on your opponent, but sacrifice the option to fold to a re-raise.

Poker Mathematics – Part 7 – The Cold Bluff

If we make a bet or raise as a bluff, it is necessary to calculate how often your opponent needs to fold in order for the bluff to show an immediate profit. Immediate profit = When your opponent folds It does not consider anything else (for example, your possible outs to improve). This is useful for a cold bluff where your opponent will either fold or raise (and you always intend to fold to a raise).

Poker Mathematics – Part 6 – Analysing All-In EV (Multiple Opponents)

You now use the information in the standard EV formula from Parts 4 and 5: EV = ($won from pot) + ($won from bets) – ($lost from bets) ($ won from pot). Calculate how often the pot will be won (win %) and the value of the win % (win $), but calculate each of the 4 options separately.

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