Dear Mr. Fantasy – Week 11

Dear Mr. Fantasy - Week 11

Spotting the Big Pair in NL Texas Hold Em and Playing Against Them

Before we go into playing against players that you are pretty sure have A’s or K’s, let’s look at one more dead give away that your opponent has one. A player limping in and then calling every street until the River is usually a pretty good indication that he is holding A’s.

Top 5 Ways To Win Money On The Internet

Nothing beats the thrill of winning money on the internet. There are many different ways in which you can win money right from the comfort of your own home.

Online Poker No Limit Hold Em Playing Pocket Pairs

Most internet poker players tend to get too excited about pocket pairs. It is always a good feeling when you see that you have a pocket pair, but no matter how big a pocket pair you have (even Aces) you should not get to carried away playing that pair.

Winning Online Sit N Go Poker Tournaments

Yesterday’s post talked about some simple strategies for playing in SnG’s and how to end up in the money more often than not. Today I want to touch briefly on what to do if you are busting out of SnG’s too much early on, and finally how to actually win instead of just finishing in the money.

Playing Stud Poker in a HORSE Game

Getting back to talking about playing HORSE, the next element of the 5 would be 7-card Stud. This variant everyone knows how to play (or at least thinks they know!) at least in a rudimentary sort of way.

How to Spot Big Pocket Pairs in NL Texas Hold Em Poker

One of the worst things that can happen to you playing in cash games, SnG’s, multi-table tournaments, or how ever you are playing poker, is to find yourself up against a large pocket pair  However, playing online at site such as Full Tilt and PokerStars, there are plays that most players will make when they have A-A or K-K in their hand.

No Limit Texas Holdem Strategy For SnG’s

Since a lot of novice players that I have coached start out with SnG’s, I wanted to spend a little time today talking about small SnG’s and how to consistently make the money. If you find yourself playing 6-18 player SnG’s and you are not making the money at least the majority of the time, you are probably simply playing too loose.

Playing Pocket Q’s in NL Texas Holdem

Of course, we all like to look down and see Q-Q dealt to us. It doesn’t matter whether it is a cash game, SnG or a MTT, you have a pretty good idea of how you are going to treat Q-Q pre-flop.

Play Razz in Horse Poker Tournaments

I played a ton of Horse tournaments on Sunday and I noticed that I made most of my big additions to my chip stack during the Razz phase of the game. I noticed a tendency of many players to play far too many hands, and in doing so, become far too committed to big pots that they could not take down.

Las Vegas Poker Rooms

I wrote a post the other day about playing some live tournaments in Las Vegas and that led me to talking with a fellow poker player about which poker rooms in Vegas are the best. Since many of you that might vacation in Vegas will tend to spend the majority of your time on the Strip, I thought I would briefly cover some of the best rooms to play there.

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