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Whether you are a novice or a seasoned bettor, there are many ways to make money on sports. One popular way is to place bets on individual teams or entire leagues. The NFL is one of the most popular leagues in the United States and a recent MarketWatch report predicts that the league will garner $20 billion in wagers during the 2021-22 season, almost triple its value from the previous year. In addition, Super Bowl LVI saw $7.6 billion worth of legal NFL sports bets, a record. Meanwhile, many states are passing legislations to legalize NFL sports betting.

The NFL has a wide variety of proposition markets, or wagers that are not directly related to the final result. For example, the over/under line for a game last year was 50.5 points, despite the Browns’ slow pace. This made betting on the Over an attractive option, but you’ll want to ensure that the game remains close to the projected total. A team with a double-digit lead could slow down the game to limit scoring opportunities, thereby resulting in fewer points.

The moneyline is another form of sports gambling that involves using point spreads. The moneyline is calculated by assigning points to the underdog and taking points away from the favorite. An example is that the Kansas City Chiefs are a (-10) point spread favorite in the Super Bowl. If they win the game, they must win by at least 11 points, while the New England Patriots must lose by 9 points or less. With this strategy, betting on the underdog will result in a profit.

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