Early NFL DFS Player Props for Super Bowl | Chiefs vs. Eagles DFS Picks

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Matt takes you through the best DFS player props for the Super Bowl. Matt uses OddsJam for these NFL DFS plays on PrizePicks and Underdog Fantasy. The OddsJam sports betting software has real-time NFL odds from over fifty sportsbooks.

He discusses his NFL DFSstrategy and shares how he finds value on all his picks. Matt explains how to find and place mathematically profitable player props using the OddsJam Positive EV and arbitrage tools.

Matt is excited about his early Super Bowl picks. Using OddsJam to compare odds with other sportsbooks ensured Matt placed a profitable bets for the wild card games this weekend.

OddsJam has real-time NFL odds from over forty sportsbooks, including DraftKings and FanDuel. He thinks he currently has the best bets for NFL playoff games this weekend.

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What's going on everybody Matt Modi here With oddsjam in this video let's go over Some of the best DFS plays for the Super Bowl Uh books are starting to post their Plays their odds their lines for the Super Bowl so we can immediately Identify uh DFS plays specifically Looking at prize picks looking at Underdog and identify where they have Mispriced uh it's basically saying okay They have a line that is lower or higher Than the rest of the sports books than The general consensus which means that We can find a profitable uh player prop To put into a put into a DFS entry so The way the odd Jam Screen Works you Just pick a market and you can type in Here it's like if I wanted to look at Passing I would just type in passing and It uh pulls up all the stats if I wanted To look at rushing I'll just type in Rushing all you need to do is just click In this little drop down and it pulls up Every Market you can look at on the Screen So right off the bat we're going to be Looking at Price fix and we're going to We're going to be looking at Underdog a Really cool feature that you could do With the screen is if you just click Into the um the Sportsbook itself you Can set a color and that way I know okay Price picks is red we're going to set

Under dog let's set it as yellow because That is kind of the color of their logo And now right off the bat I can Immediately identify which lines our Price picks in Underdog and see if we Can find a profitable player prop on Either of these two platforms So right off the bat Um Jalen hurts there's a really good Price on him to go over his passing Yardage prop Um prize picks offers that at 238 and as You can see no other sports book offers It even in the 230s at all or even at 2 40 right You just look across the markets we see 238 and a half on price picks Underdog Doesn't have a profitable play this is At 241 but every other book 241 up to All the way up to 250 which is insane That's a 12 yard difference for the same Exact prop just Jalen hurts passing Yards an entire 12 yard difference Between price picks and points bet and Then still an outlier between prize Picks and every other book also Pinnacle As well or excuse me points bet as well If you wanted to emittle this and take The under on points bet I don't think That would be a bad idea at all clearly Points bet is an outlier here but so is Prize picks and we're looking at DFS so That's what we're gonna go with so plan Number one we're looking at Jalen hurts

To pass for over 2 38 and a half passing Yards I'm understanding people that might be Trepidatious about this because if you Just look at Jalen hurts his last three Starts since he came back from injury or His last two mostly in the playoffs Because you really can't take much from That week 18 game he hasn't needed to Pass really at all in either of the two Playoff games and against the Giants They threw the ball seven times in the Second half against the 49ers uh they Ran the ball to a ton of success only Gave up seven points in each game so he Didn't really need to throw at all I can assure you that will not be the Case against the Chiefs they will need To pass they will need to score points Against the Chiefs when you play against Patrick Mahomes So that's a really good play on him to Go over 238 and a half passing yards It's also a decent play it's not as Valuable but if you just wanted to put a Two-leg entry on both of these Quarterbacks to go over their passing Yardage prop it's it's also not bad on Uh Patrick Mahomes is over 285 and a Half as well if you look at the majority Of the sports books most of them are at 287 right at 365. typico even Underdog Is a yard higher at 286 and then of Course the most important thing Pinnacle

Sharpest sports book in the world has This at 287 DraftKings also at 287 as The Caesars now for regular sports Betting You can get better odds on FanDuel Um at 2 30 or excuse me 283 and a half But still a pretty good price at 285 and A half so if you wanted to put these Together in a two leg entry Not a bad idea but that's just one Market let's see the other markets where We can find some good plays So we're gonna go to rushing again you Just type in the stat you're looking for Click player rushing yards and now it Pulls up exactly what it sounds like the Player rushing yards so again what we Want to do is look for an outlier on Prize picks compared to every other book And we see one for Isaiah Pacheco so Mahomes has a good price on his over as Does Isaiah Pacheco Um Price fix has it at 50 and a half so Does points bet so uh they're aligned Together and if you look at every other Market besides these two it's at 52 and A half including Underdog again so Underdog not having as good of pricing For our sake than price picks but prize Picks is clearly lower than the rest of The market they're at 50 everywhere else Is at 52. so here's another good play That's the third one on price picks

Um uh for Jalen hurts rushing yards it's Uh I'm not touching it it's 46 and a Half is kind of in between where every Other book is we see a couple at 45 and A half looks like three we see a couple At 47 and a couple at 48. it's not Nearly as good as the previous ones so Going to sit this one out same thing With McKinnon but where there is a good Value is Miles Sanders to go over his Russian yardage prop as well prize picks Is too low on all these players compared To every other sports book mile Sanders Is priced at 53 and a half legitimately Across the board at 55. every single Other sports book is at 55 and a half And it looks like money's coming in on The over Caesars has the overpriced all The way up at -145 so Caesars is taking A ton of action on Miles Sandy's miles Sanders excuse me going over his rushing Yards prop which is just an even better Sign the fact we can get it at 53 and a Half At Price picks so those are two good Rushing props for you guys Isaiah Pacheco and Miles Sanders to go over Next up we want to look at receiving Yards because those are the easiest ones Or excuse me that's another one you can Easily tell if a book is too low and Right off the bat and I noticed this Before I was recording a lot of these Receiving props price picks is too low

On AJ Brown Dallas Goddard and Devonte Smith too low on all three of these Eagles players which makes sense because They were too low on Jalen hurts so of Course you have to attribute that to Their receivers as well AJ Brown you can Get him at 67 over under 67 and a half Obviously we want to take the over Legitimately across the board every Other sports book has it at a minimum at 70 all the way up to 72 and a half with Again Caesars at 70 heavily juicing the Over Dallas Goddard is that 42 and a half Price picks is all the way up at 46 and A half every other book is either at 46 Or 45 with typical being at 44. either Way this 42 and a half is a clear Outlier so that is the second receiving Yardage prop and then the third one is Devonte Smith it's not quite as good as The previous two but there is still Excuse me there is still an outlier here 16 and a half on prize picks we see some Books have it at 61 and a half we see Only one other book have it at 60 which Is typical but then across the board Most of them have it at 61. up to 63 and Then all the way up to 65. with again Some books like Caesar's heavily juicing The over so really really good pricing Here on um both of these Eagles wide Receivers to go over their receiving Yardage prop and that's it for receivers

The only other player that is um or the Only player on the Chiefs that he has Even offered is Travis Kelsey but I Guess uh McKinnon as well but neither of Them really have that good of value Right like McKinnon's at 22 and a half Each way Kelsey is that 77 or 78 but if you look At the other sports books they're close At 76 78 80 79 so they're kind of all in Between so there's really no General Consensus for Travis Kelsey like there Is with AJ Brown Goddard Smith like There was for the quarterbacks and like There was for the um running backs as Well so that's going to be it for this Video I think that was seven total DFS Player props for you guys three Receiving ones both passing quarterbacks To take their over and then both Starting running backs to take their Over rushing yards as well meaning Isaiah Pacheco and Miles Sanders so That's going to be it if you are locking In any of these player props in an entry Comment and let me know but that's it so Appreciate everybody watching and have a Good one

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