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NFL games offer plenty of betting opportunities, including team and player props. Props are similar to totals, but are based on specific factors, such as a player’s number of sacks or passing yards. These props are most popular during the postseason and Super Bowl. Player props, such as touchdown scorer, are also popular, with long odds and the largest payouts. NFL futures are similar to props, but focus on a team’s overall season totals or results. A team’s winning margin or over/under is a popular bet, while its quarterback’s total yards and touchdowns are long-term bets.

NFL projected totals may not reflect the teams’ respective offenses. For example, last year’s game between the Ravens and Browns had a 50.5 point total, despite the fact that they’re both slow-paced. For this reason, the Under was a great bet in this game. However, to make the Over a viable bet, a team must have a low-scoring game. Otherwise, a team may try to slow down the game to keep it close. If the team has a double-digit lead, they might slow down the game to avoid losing, meaning they’ll be less likely to score than the Over.

In a game where the point spread is low, the moneyline is often affected by betting on the favorite. For example, a -200 favorite team in Sin City might be offered -300 odds, but the odds would probably be reduced to -200 or -300. When the crowd gets used to the thought of a favorite winning, the underdog’s odds will rise, making them more profitable. The underdog’s odds also rise, as betting on a conference champion with a 1-in-2 chance of pulling an upset would be the most popular bet.

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