Early Sports Betting | 6/3 Opening Lines | Best Bets, Picks & Predictions

Early Sports Betting | 6/3 Opening Lines | Best Bets, Picks & Predictions

If you’re looking for ways to make money in sports betting, you’ve probably heard about the use of props. Props are bets on specific in-game events that happen during a game, like the number of possessions each team gets and the chances of a touchdown. In addition to the standard spread, props also exist in the form of futures, which are wagers on a season’s totals and results. For example, you can bet on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl, or on Patrick Mahomes to win MVP.

While the legalization of sports betting in the U.S. is slowly increasing, there’s still a long way to go until every state has legalized the industry. To keep up to date on the latest news, it helps to follow the latest legislation efforts in your state. The Action Network keeps track of all efforts to legalize sports betting across the U.S., and provides detailed updates to subscribers. Be sure to check these pages often to keep up with the latest developments.

Over/under bets may prove to be profitable for those who enjoy playing fantasy football or basketball. NFL games, for example, have attractive over/under lines because teams don’t always match up with their opponents’ offenses. For instance, the Ravens and Browns had a combined total of 50.5 points last season. However, these two teams are averaging just five points per game, and betting on the Under is a better option in this case.

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