Early Week 10 NFL Picks and Betting Lines | BettingPros Podcast

Early Week 10 NFL Picks and Betting Lines | BettingPros Podcast

Pot Limit Omaha Fundamentals and Tips

In this short guide I’m going to go over some basic Pot Limit Omaha fundamentals to make sure you’re not making any basic mistakes that your opponents might be exploiting. The first thing you need to know about Pot Limit Omaha is that a premium hand is a coordinated hand. What does this mean?

Isildur1 – The Mystery Is Now Revealed

It all began back in late November 2009 – a new nickname was spotted at the highest tables and the mysterious nickname was Isildur1 – and he was winning, even though he was up against some of the best players in the world. To mention some of the players: Tom ‘Durrr’ Dawn, Patrick Antonius and Phil Ivey, just to summarize some of the best players Isildur1 was up against.

Is Poker A Game Of Random Luck Or Strategy And Skill?

Is poker a game of random luck or strategy and skill? This is the age-old question that many have debated.

Sportsbetting As a Legitimate Career/Job

A whole lot of discipline and a little bit of luck… That’s what it takes to turn sports betting into a career.

Bluffing In Poker – Tips To Bluffing In Poker The Easy Way

The tips revealed in this article will make bluffing at your next poker game simple and easy. Don’t miss out.

Redbet Poker – The Swedish Entrepreneurs

The gaming Company Redbet is fighting for survival. The company will now make new issue and provide a convertible loan to reverse the trend. Redbet’s plan is to increase the company’s growth through expansion into new markets, as a first step, the site Redbet.com launched in Russian. It is the right of the company trying to break into new markets, but it takes a long time and is costly to achieve success.

Short Stacking In Poker

Good online players instinctively know when they should play their cards or not. However, the strongest players in the game also keep tabs of every opponent’s stack size, particularly those opponents who have not begun to act in a hand and are short stacked.

Horse Betting to Make a Living During the Recession

These are extremely rough economic times we live in today, and if you are like most people around the world you have been affected by this crisis in a direct way. Many people have turned to alternate sources of income just to get by. Some people are having garage sales; while others are pinching pennies.

Malta E-Gaming

In the autumn of 2000 the Maltese government passed legislation enabling online betting centres to be set up in the country, and this legislation, coupled with provisions from the Income Tax Act written specifically for international companies, made Malta an attractive location for casino and sportsbook operations.

The Cashout Curse

The myth of the cash out curse is just that, a myth. Online poker rooms don’t need to steal your money. They make enough money as it is simply by providing a fair poker game.

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