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Alex goes through the best promos and bonuses on FanDuel sportsbook. He discusses Dinger Tuesday. This is an MLB sports betting promo on FanDuel, and Alex discusses it at length in this video tutorial. No promo code is required. Rather, users simply need to “opt in” to this awesome promo.

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Alex uses the Positive EV sports betting software to find his Dinger Tuesday bets for today. The OddsJam Positive EV sports betting software is the best tool for finding sharp Dinger Tuesday picks with the highest profit margin. Alex thinks he has the top MLB prop bets for today. He locks in twelve bets in this sports betting tutorial.

He also summarizes how this FanDuel sports betting promo works. On Tuesdays, if you bet $25 on a player to “Hit a Home Run,” FanDuel gives a $5 bonus for every home run hit in the game. So, if a game has 3 home runs, you get $15 in free bets as a bonus from FanDuel.

This promo is very Positive EV. Most MLB games average roughly 2 home runs per game. That’s $10 in bonus roughly for each game, and there’s 16 games today. That’s $160 in total bonus!

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