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If you are a beginner to sports betting, you might be tempted to place your wagers on over/under lines. However, the public usually likes to bet the over, so you should be cautious in these situations. You could benefit from shopping the over/under line and laying the under at 49.5 instead of 50. The betting public tends to be overly aggressive and will book too much sports action to balance out the spread.

If you are comfortable with odds and don’t mind losing money, you can try the 4-team teaser, in which you bet on all four teams covering a 1.5-point spread and get back two to three times your initial stake. Live betting is also becoming popular. Oddsmakers adjust the moneylines, totals, and spreads often, so you can place your bets during a game. You should be aware of this, since many savvy fans can sense which team is winning before the game.

While many factors influence the outcome of a game, weather plays a huge role in football. The absence of a star player can affect the odds. Therefore, many seasoned bettors scour injury reports before making their bets. In addition to that, inclement weather can have a significant impact on the point total of a game. As such, games that are played in adverse weather conditions tend to be shorter and lower-scoring affairs.

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