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NFL football games offer a number of betting markets to choose from. These bets focus on the performances of star players during the game and their overall scoring total. Some games even offer bets on the final two minutes of the first half, or who will score the first point. Prop bets in football are similar to totals. Examples of these bets include the Vikings Over 3.5 sacks and Carson Wentz Over 230.5 passing yards. Similarly, futures are based on a team’s season results and totals. For example, the Chiefs are favored to win the Super Bowl, or Patrick Mahomes will finish as the league MVP.

In addition to the standard point spread, sportsbooks also offer a number of proposition markets. The most popular are “over/under” wagers. These bets combine player stats and game outcomes, and can pay off a significant amount of money. For example, the Los Angeles Rams entered the 2021 season with the fourth-lowest odds at +1400. However, savvy fans can pick a team based on the odds at the time of the wager.

NFL teams also have over/under lines. In some cases, the over market is a sign of recreational football gambling. The over market books too many games, and online betting bookmakers have to shift the O/U line upward to maintain a balanced line. This can give you an advantage over your competitors. However, be careful when betting on a game’s Over/Under total, because the oddsmakers will often adjust the total upwards to reflect this.

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