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Looking for NFL Week 13 betting tips? Something to lock in NOW? Well, you’re in luck! In this video, we’ll give you some of the best NFL Week 13 betting tips available.

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Matt takes you through his first NFL week 13 picks for the 2022-2023 football season. Matt discusses how he found value for his NFL week 12 early bets using OddsJam. The OddsJam sports betting software has real-time NFL odds from over fifty sportsbooks.

He discusses his NFL sports betting strategy and shares how he finds value on all his picks. Matt explains how to find and place mathematically profitable bets using the OddsJam Positive EV and arbitrage tools.

Matt is excited about his early 2022-2023 NFL bets. Using OddsJam to compare odds with other sportsbooks ensured Matt placed a profitable week 13 NFL bets.

OddsJam has real-time NFL odds from over forty sportsbooks, including DraftKings and FanDuel. He thinks he currently has the best bets for NFL Week 13.

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How we doing everybody Matt here with Oddsjam here to give you some more NFL Bets to lock in for NFL Sunday Week 13. so there are two bets that I Actually have already locked in as you Can see the check mark on both of these Bets we'll get into them in just a Second here of course both bets were Found using oshdm using the positive Expected value page and of course all of The other bets that I will find for this Video that I'm going to lock in with you Guys Will be found using oddstam but first Let's chat about this Baltimore Ravens One first half spread minus four and a Half this is at plus 105 on FanDuel so The no Vig line that oddjam calculates Prices this to be at about plus 101 so Just above even money uh so basically Like Basically just about a 49 chance of Hitting essentially which is what this Dad the odd stand perfect line Calculates this to be 49.66 percent so These novig odds it's important to Understand that uh where they come from Right uh they come from The uh so IGM back tested let me back up A little bit here Asian back tested Thousands and thousands and thousands of Betting opportunities right and their Goal of all of this testing all of this Data validation data finding was to just

Figure out all right the answer one Simple question what sports books Consistently do the best job at pricing Odds that's pretty much all they're Trying to figure out right what Sportsbooks over the course of time Historically Do the best job at pricing odds once That determination has been made from All of this data then what igium does is Uses that to kind of set the markets Moving forward so these Nova gods are Pulled from those sharp sportsbooks in This case again pricing it at plus 101. So the positive EV play as you can see Here bolded the blue little rectangle Around it Ravens minus four and a half First half spread plus 105 at FanDuel Um Positive EV any number where we get Above plus 101 on the Raven side or Minus 101 essentially on the Bronco side More favorable would be positive EV in This case it's on the Raven side all in All equates to a profit margin of just Below two percent one point eight Percent so for me I risked to win or no I risked a full unit on this one I put 100 bucks on this one so my profit Margin for this bet 1.80 not a huge Amount by any means it's also only one Bet it's also going to be realized Tonight so it's not like standard stock Market where you have to wait sometimes

Multiple years to realize your profit This will be realized on Sunday around 4 25 Eastern something like that whenever The game ends And again it's just one bet so how many Bets do you think you place in a day Especially for NFL Sunday like for me Over the course of a week I'm just Hammering bets for Sunday I end up Having 20 25 outstanding vets so this Dollar eighty turns into 50 bucks Sometimes I'm placing Eevee percent Plays above 1.8 percent so 50 bucks maybe on an NFL Sunday you do That every single day and you start to Kind of understand how much money you Can make so anyways for this play the Math what I've talked about is obviously Important it also can only take you About four seconds to look at the math Oh no bigots plus 101 EV percent 1.8 but There's additional work that I recommend Doing if you are positive expected value Betting now you could blindly bet all These and be profitable in the long run You absolutely could for me I like to do A little bit extra digging and just see And make sure that I'm placing the most Profitable bets And by extra digging all I mean is click This button and look at where every Sport every other sports book prices This play at so the bet we are placing Baltimore Ravens minus four and a half

The odds that we were placing the bet at Is that plus 105. so we're basically What I'm trying to do here is determine Is the plus 105 that I am betting a true Outlier when compared to the rest of the Betting Market or not it's a pretty Simple question pretty easy to figure Out as well just look at all the other Sports books it kind of helps seeing These average odds here so average odds Of minus 107 12 difference and just in Terms of the average but now let's look Individually Caesars minus 110 each way Basically saying we think that this is a 50 50 outcome we don't have Um a guess whether it's going to go Ravens or Broncos so we're going to Price it at 50 50. DraftKings has it a Little bit favored towards the Broncos But they still have it at minus money The Ravens at minus 105 10 cent Difference between FanDuel betfred has The same odds as Caesar's Hazard at Minus 110 each way basically saying we Think it's 50 50. bat Rivers favors the Broncos a little bit as as well not as Much as giraffe Kings does they're also Charging more juice here they have the Bronco side at -118 the Raven side at -112 and then most importantly we see Pinnacle here they have the Ravens side At -109 the Broncos side at -105 Favoring the Ravens so we're getting This play at plus money which means that

If we win 50 of our bets so let's Pretend we are placing a thousand bets At Plus 105. If we win 50 of those bets we will be Profitable so this is a profitable bet To both Caesars and betfred but if you Look at Pinnacle and Pinnacle is the Sharpest Sportsbook in the world of all The testing Pinnacle is the sharpest Pinnacle actually favors the Ravens so They think that the actual the more Likely scenario here Unlike Caesars in betfred which is Having 50 50. unlike DraftKings and bet Rivers let's just have it at uh favoring The Broncos the Pinnacle thinks that the Ravens are the more likely scenario here In terms of covering this four and a Half spread so all in all this is a Really good bet a really good price so I Hit it for 100 bucks next one that I hit For 100 bucks the Detroit Lions plus two And a half minus 113 odds at FanDuel so The novig line that azim calculates has This at -116 So we got it at -113 There you go Your positive expected value EV percent On this one of about 1.36 percent now Again on this one I risked to win a unit So I risked 113 to profit a hundred Dollars so for you unit sizing this at Home whatever one unit is for you is What I would recommend putting on this

One a full unit to win to win so again If your unit size is like me a hundred Bucks A hundred bucks it equals one unit I Want to win one unit I put 113. and look At all the other sports books and where They price it so -113 at FanDuel bet Rivers is kind of close more in the Middle but closer to the FanDuel line at -121 it's still not positive EV on BET Rivers right minus 121 novig line at Minus 116. so not a plus EV play kind of Closer to FanDuel and then look at every Other book bet MGM minus 130 points bet Minus 130. Caesars minus 145 DraftKings Minus 130 1 minus 131 Pinnacle minus 131 As well and since this is a standard Point spread what you can do is open This in a new tab and it will show you Where other sports books are pricing This Market where does every book have This market price that and as we can see Every other book has this main line at Plus one and a half Or plus one and we got it as you Remember at plus two and a half so every Other book thinks that it should be Closer than it is and then for point Spreads and Main lines the three books You want to use to set markets and kind Of use them as the true line oh this Book has this way We want to find the opposite we want to Find an outlier to that bet online has

This at plus one again we got it at plus Two and a half Bookmaker Has it at plus one and a half we got it At plus two and a half and Bookmaker favors the Lions to cover plus One and a half again we got it a point Higher at plus two and a half Pinnacle Has it at plus one as well they also Think that the lines are more likely at Plus one so it's just insane the value You can find by using oshdam and then Just by line shopping right it's not That complicated of a system you just Use every single sports book to take Advantage of each other like if there's Seven books and they all have odds Priced differently and you see odds Ranging from -113 to -145 one of them Has to be incorrect right it just Doesn't make sense logically to have a 28 point swing 20 or 23 Point swing 32 Whatever the number is point swing Between one book and the other and have Them both be correct right like you Can't have a stock trading at 300 and 250 per share it has to be one way or The other right and if one of them has That one of them is incorrect and we're Just using all of the books to figure Out which one is incorrect in both of These cases it was FanDuel so those are Two bets that I've already locked in let Me give this page a refresh let me look

At more up-to-date lines I don't hate The lines money line I mean you're Getting such a good price on them at Plus two and a half getting their money Line at plus 110 isn't a horrible play As well I'm probably going to sit it out Because I already have so much exposure On the lines but if you guys want to Double dip this isn't a horrible play Lions money line at plus 110 Nova Gods Price this at plus 107.21 so it is a positive EV play there Um but this is one that I do like that I Am going to make one of my official bets The New York Jets first half money line Plus 135. this is at points bet the Nova Gods have this at about plus 132 we can Round down plus one two plus one thirty Two point two we can round down and look At the other books that price it plus 135 at points bet Pinnacle is the Closest at Plus 129. And then we see plus 125 plus 122 plus 120 and then plus 115. 20 to 10 to 6 Cents lower than this points bet line at Plus 135 so this is going to be my third Bet for this NFL betting slate both of Them I really are all three of them I Really like this points bet one I would Just recommend putting half of a unit on It so I put a full unit on the first two This one I'm just recommending half a Unit points bet plus 135 But I do think that it is a good price

So we actually see an Arbitrage Opportunity here on the Broncos first Half team total over under we see Giraffe Kings has the over six and a Half at -110 we see bet Rivers has the Under six and a half at plus 114. you Can actually Arbitrage these and make Money Um regardless of the outcome If you see the odds here -113 excuse me Minus 110 versus plus 114. if you bet Like a hundred bucks you'd profit 114. If you risk 110 you would profit 100 no Matter what happens in that scenario you Are not losing money so Arbitrage is Another way to make good money uh Profitable sports betting you could Arbitrage in terms of these two plays The higher EV is on the over six and a Half do they just get one touchdown one Measly touchdown and it also has I mean actually I would take honestly I Would take both of them they're both Really good plays in and of themselves And this is shows the importance of why You want to look at every other sports Book because you can see the Wide-ranging prices right like plus 114 At bet Rivers DraftKings has it at -110 Point spread as it at minus 105. Pinnacle has it at plus 108. this in and Of itself is a good price and then the Over minus 110 all DraftKings the other Sports books bet Rivers has it 40 cents

Higher at -150 points bet has it 15 Cents higher at -125 Pinnacle at -127 Another good price Individually these are both good bets so I recommend taking both of them and Guarantee profit A total in the game can't land at six And a half either it's going to be seven Or higher or it's going to be six or Lower regardless you're going to be Making money so I like this Arbitrage opportunity a lot I like both bets individually a lot as Well and that's going to be it for this Video so some bets for you guys to tell If you are tailing comment and let me Know I would love to hear it but that's It so I appreciate everybody watching And have a good one

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