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While the NFL Draft is one of the biggest stories in 2022 offseason betting, it’s not the only one. Tom Brady, a former Tampa Bay quarterback, announced he wouldn’t retire after the NFC playoffs. When the announcement was made, NFL odds flipped. Brady is likely to be a first round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, and the oddsmakers are predicting a 2-1 Patriots victory. Here are some other exciting sports betting picks for 2022:

The NFL season also brings dozens of props. These bets include team and player statistics. In an NFL game, for example, you can place a bet on the team’s over-under total, which gives you a good idea of how the players are going to do. Props also make good bets for the NFL postseason or Super Bowl. The over-under bets are among the most popular, while player props include the touchdown scorer and winning margin.

You can also make a smart under bet by betting under the point spread. NFL games tend to be fast paced, with most teams using their offensive weapons. While defenses are often overlooked, they are important in preventing the score from going over. When oddsmakers move the over/under line upward, they are trying to balance out the market. In some cases, betting under the line can actually work to your advantage. But make sure to read the line carefully and bet accordingly.

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