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In this sports betting tutorial, Matt teaches you how to bet on the NFL Super Bowl. Learning the sports betting basics is incredibly important for any sports bettor out there. In the NFL, there are three main markets: point spread, moneyline, and total points. Matt explains what all three of these mean in this sports betting for beginners tutorial.

Point spread you are betting on how much a team is going to win by, moneyline you are just betting on who you think is going to win, and on a total points bet you are betting on over or under the point total. These are the three main markets for NFL betting.

Next, Matt discusses prop bets: player props and game props. These are considered alternate markets.

At the end of the video, Matt discusses profitable NFL betting strategies. It is incredibly important to be using OddsJam to constantly be looking out for the best NFL odds and best NFL lines. This is to ensure you are being a profitable sports bettor.

Matt loves betting on football, and he has made money doing so. He was up over 14 units last season betting four plays a week.

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What's up YouTube my name is Matt Modi I Am a Content producer and betting Analyst for and in this Video I'm going to teach you how to bet On the Super Bowl it's obviously the Biggest sporting event of the year one Game to rule them all for each NFL Season the Super Bowl this year I am Lucky enough to have the team that I Root for participate in the Eagles as You can see from the flag up there And then they're going against the Kansas City Chiefs very very scary Matchup but in general I'm not going to Give my predictions my bets I'm just Going to teach you how to bet on the Super Bowl and then different Super Bowl Betting strategies as well as all the Different props that you can bet on as Well and all the how and all about how To find that stuff So right off the bat when it comes to Super Bowl betting number one there are Going to be three main lines that you Can bet on the point spread the money Line and the total now I'm going to Start with the money line because that Is the easiest thing to it's the easiest Bet to conceptualize in sports you're When you're betting on the money line You're literally just betting on who is Going to win the game So the cheats money line the Eagles Money line if you bet on either of these

Teams money line you're literally just Betting on them to win straight up Doesn't matter if they win by a hundred Doesn't matter if they win by overtime Or in overtime I should say just that They're winning straight up as you can See on the screenshot here uh wrong side I have the odds pulled up from the the Moneyline odds I should say for this Game and as we can see the Chiefs are at Plus 100 the Eagles are at -118. So whenever you see a plus and a minus In sports betting the minus dictates the Favorite the plus dictates the underdog So in this case the Eagles are the Slight favorite here as I said at -118 Odds with the Chiefs being the underdog At plus 100. now what those numbers mean The number next to the minus that means How much money you would have to risk in Order to profit a hundred dollars so if I wanted to profit 100 bucks on the Eagles I would have to risk 118 so Whenever you see the plus because it's The opposite it's the underdog that is How much money you would win if you Risked a hundred dollars so for the Chiefs if I wanted to win 100 bucks or If I wanted to risk 100 bucks on the Chiefs I would profit 100 bucks plus 100 Is pretty easy it just means whatever You put in is what you profit but in General the bigger the number next to The minus sign that means the bigger the

Favorite so if the Eagles went up to -130 mine minus 140 minus 150 they would Be becoming bigger and bigger favorites More and more likely to win which means That they become more expensive right if A sports book thinks that the Eagles are More likely to win they're going to make Them more expensive to buy the more Likely the more expensive The opposite is true for the underdog The bigger the underdog the bigger that Number is next to the Plus So if the Chiefs ended up going to plus 120 plus 130 they would become the Sports book would deem them less and Less likely to win so you'd be getting More and more profit on them to win so It's kind of the opposite of the minus But that is a money line bet you're just Betting on who's going to win straight Up it's the easiest bet to conceptualize In sports next up we have the spread and The spread dictates how many points a Team is favored by so in this case as You can see on the screenshot here the Eagles are one and a half Point Favorites so the minus again dictates The favorite so you see the minus next To the Eagles that means they are the Favorite the the number the point total Next to the Eagles that is how many Points they are favored by so The way a point spread works is Um the eagle is being minus one and a

Half Point favorites means they'd have To win by two or more points in order For you to win your spread bet on the Eagles so the number next to the minus Two one and a half that is how many Points the team needs to win by in order For you to win your spread bet so if the Eagles win by two or more you would have Won your spread bet if the Eagles either Win by one or lose the game straight up Then you would lose your spread bet on The Eagles again it's similar but Opposite for the underdog the Chiefs They could either win straight up or They could lose by exactly one point and You would win your spread bet on the Chiefs plus one and a half So right off the bat in terms of Different betting strategies when it Comes to moneyline versus point spread The money line is a really easy way for You to back the favorite but you're not Confident and then in them covering Whatever the spread is so if I really Liked the Eagles and thought they were Going to win but I didn't think they Were going to win by two or more I Thought it was going to be literally a One point game I could just bet on the Eagles money line now obviously I am Accepting a little bit more juice which Just means the odds are a little bit Less favorable for me but I'm getting a Safer bet

Now if I was confident the Eagles were Going to win and I was confident the Eagles were going to win by two or more Points then I would just place a bet on The spread because I'm not I don't have To pay as much for it it's minus 110 Odds versus minus 118. the lower the Numbers go and the odds the um less you Have to risk is just kind of how that Works so minus 110 means you risk 110 to Profit 100. again it's the same but Opposite for the underdog if I think They're going to win straight up then You would you should take an Underdog's Money line because the payout is higher Instead of getting the Chiefs at plus One and a half at minus one ten odds if I think the Chiefs can win straight up I Should just bet on their money line and Get them at plus 100 but then if you Like the underdog to keep it close but You're not quite confident that they're Going to cover the spread or excuse me They're not like excuse me they're not You're not quite confident that they're Going to win straight up then you should Just place a bet on the spread makes Your bet a lot more I mean depending on What the number is more likely to hit But not as good odds So it's all about a risk reward payout In terms of whether you want to bet on a Spread or a money line so those are Those are two main markets there's a

Third main Market this one doesn't have Anything to do with the actual winner or Loser of the game instead you are Betting on the total now the total means That you're betting on the number of Points to be scored in the game and Whether it's going to go over or under That number in this case the total is at 49 and a half which means that if you Bet on the over 50 or more points need To be scored if you bet on the under 49 Or fewer points need to be scored it Doesn't matter how those points are Scored it doesn't matter where they come From what team scores them if they come In overtime all that matters is that the Points are scored Eagles could win 50 to Nothing and the over would hit Eagles Could The total could hit in overtime right it Could go over 50 points but only in Overtime that would still count as the Over hitting so terms of strategy with The total Um a lot of times people like to bet on The total when they don't have a play on Who is going to win straight up but they Think that either a lot of points are Going to be scored or not a lot of Points are going to be scored now at the End of this video Um I will talk about total strategies I'll talk about moneyline point spread Strategies but that's kind of the basics

When it comes to the three main lines Now the fun part about the Super Bowl is That there are a ton of different Options to bet on these are called prop Bet prop proposition bets now for the Super Bowl there are three types of prop Bets which is different most games don't Have the third one there are just two But for the Super Bowl there are player Props there are game props and there are And this is the new one unique to the Super Bowl there are novelty props now I'll talk about novelty props last Because it has the widest range of Options and is also I mean it's novelty It's the most ridiculous I'll start with Player props Basically all you need to know about a Player prop if it if there is a counting Stat for it you can bet on it uh the Screenshot here shows you the three main Ones passing receiving rushing there are Also defensive props there are also Kicker props but as long as there is Accounting stat it can be bet on but I Figured the easiest way to talk to you About player props would be to actually Show you how to navigate to player props On the different sports books which I'm Going to do now so I showed you this Screenshot earlier from FanDuel passing Props is everything you can imagine it's Passing yards passing touchdowns who Will have the most passing yards exact

Passing touchdowns and then of course an Interception you can also bet on passing Plus rushing as well Then we have receiving props we have Receiving yards we have receptions and Then you can bet on Alternate totals as Well all you need to know about Alternate totals is that like so for Dallas Goddard FanDuel is pricing let me Zoom in a little bit here pricing is Over under receiving yards at 46 and a Half betting on an alternate receiving Yards lets you lets you bet more or less Than that number for Better or Worse Odds so if I think Dallas Goddard is Going to have a really good game not Only do I think he's going to go over But I think he's going to have over 60 Pat right receiving yards I could lock That in right here at much better odds Rushing is exactly what it sounds like It's rushing yards rushing plus Receiving you can also bet um as soon as The game gets closer there are different Types of rushing receiving and Pratt and Passing props like longest reception uh Rushing attempts all that stuff Defensive props is sacks tackles Um two plus sacks recorded interception Stuff like that kicker props total Kicking points that stuff is pretty Simple but regardless all you need to Know about player props is if there is a Counting stat for it in the actual game

Itself if the NFL tracks this as a Counting stat Then there are going to be Um it's able it's going to be able to be Bet as a player prop so that's player Props game props are kind of similar to The total in which you're not Necessarily betting on the direct winner Or loser of the game they're just Different types of props that you can Bet on a couple examples are very very Common game prop would be team total so You know what I'm not confident that the Total itself is going to go over or Under but I am very confident in the Eagles or the Chiefs specifically Scoring more or less points than with The total dictates another game prop Could be first half total points so you Know what I think that a lot of points Are actually going to be scored in the First half then I think defenses are Going to catch up or the opposite you Can bet on the first half total you can Bet on the first half spread for example The Eagles are one of the fast the Fastest starting teams In the NFL they hit their first half Spread them at the highest rate of any Team in the NFL so if you really like The eagles to start off fast not quite Be able to continue that as the game Goes on you can bet on their first half Spread but there are in terms of game

Props there are a ton a ton of different Options when it comes to game props a Lot more than player props so if I share My screen here again we see first half We see second half we see first quarter Uh scoring so you can bet on the exact Score you can bet on the team's exact Score the first half the first quarter Team to score first last all that good Stuff and then totals Um are like the alternate total points But then you can also bet on Eagles Total points you can bet on Chiefs total Points you can also bet on total Touchdown score so there are are a ton Of different options when it comes to Game props all you really need to know Is that it's any type of prop that any Type of bet that's not regarding a Specific player and that that's also not One of the three main lines that is a Prop bet now novelty props is the next One that is the absolute most confusing Thing when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl it's also the most fun Because you normally don't get these Types of props so a novelty prop is Pretty much anything that I didn't Already mention it's it's kind of Nebulous on purpose because different Sports books have different types of Novelty props now there are a couple Popular examples of Novel novelty props What color will the Gatorade be for the

Winning head coach would it gets Drenched in that's a popular novelty Prop how long will the National Anthem Go that is a very prop popular novelty Prop now those are the two most popular Ones again there are a ton a ton of Different options so the easiest way Again to talk to you about novelty props Would be to show you so let me share my Screen again here the easiest way to Dictate or to go to them excuse me so I Am looking at DraftKings let me zoom in A little bit here it's literally listed On most of these Sports books as a Novelty prop now again I'm recording This a little bit earlier in the week so They might not all be available but Types of novelty props that DraftKings Is offering jersey number the jersey Number over under of the first touchdown Score coach's challenge who will make The first challenge will the first Challenge be successful octopus this Just means will a uh will a team score a Touchdown and score the two-point Conversion well both of those things Happen that is an octopus Kick to hit post so will any field goal Or extra point hit the crossbar and then MVP specials what will be the position Of the MVP now obviously the quarterback Is the heavy favorite uh that's what DraftKings has to offer now FanDuel I Guess I got a log back in here also

Offers different types of novelty props So we go to um Venom GM and we list we See listed novelty props now this one is Uh they don't have as many excuse me Offered yet but which team will be the First to use a coach's challenge which Team will call a timeout these are just The different types of novelty props so Depending on when you're watching this I Can almost assure you that a Significantly more amount of novelty Props are going to be available so I Definitely recommend checking as the Week goes on one thing that I will do Um later in the week closer to the Super Bowl I'm going to come out with a video Of my favorite novelty props so Definitely make sure to subscribe To the rgm YouTube channel to um to get Access to that as soon as it comes out Get turn those notifications on you'll Be notified we can all bet on novelty Props together so those are the main um Markets that you can bet on when it Comes to the Super Bowl you have the Three main lines money line total uh Point spread you have player props you Have game props and then you have Novelty props now when it comes to Actually profiting on the Super Bowl I'm Going to talk to you about a couple Different strategies when it comes to Betting on the Super Bowl Number One You're Gonna Wanna find Value no matter

What you're doing in sports betting you Want to make sure that there's some sort Of value associated with that and what Do I mean by that some way in which you Are getting an edge the first way to get An edge would just be to line shop so I Showed you a screenshot earlier the Money Line Odds if you remember on on The Chiefs on FanDuel was plus 100 the Money line odds on the Eagles was minus 118. now a secret about sports betting Is that all sports books are going to Not or I should say not every single Sports book are going to have the same Odds for what they're pricing a play at So if you will let me share my screen Again I can I'll show you this is a Screenshot from the oddsjam completely Free line shopping tool pulls up the Main markets as well as every single Alternate Market you could ever imagine Number one the Eagles money line we Remembered FanDuel had it at -118 well You could actually some books have it at Best odds at minus 115. we saw that the Chiefs were at plus 100 but look you can Get them at plus 106 plus 105 on other Sports books it's the same exact bet but You're getting more money just by making Sure you are maximizing your odds Similar with line shopping So the Eagles reminded are minus one and A half point spreads on most sports Books looks like there are some places

Where you can get them at minus one so Instead of sacrificing that extra half Point you could get them at minus one Same thing with the total Um we saw FanDuel have it at 48 and a Half most books have it at 48 and a half Some books have it at 50. so line Shopping is just a way to make sure that You are constantly maximizing the best Odds that you can get that's the most Important thing line shopping the only Other thing that's important to remember When it comes to the Super Bowl is that Referees are significantly more laxed With what they call meaning they don't Call as type of a game so offensive pass Interference defensive pass interference Not called ads strictly offensive Holding not called as strictly so that's Just something to keep in mind if you're Looking at ref statistics and stuff just Know that there are generally Significantly fewer penalties in the Super Bowl the best example I can give You of that if you remember the Chiefs Or excuse me the Bengals Rams Super Bowl Last year the Bengals had a really Really long touchdown pass that would Have been called offensive pass Interference in literally every other Game except for the Super Bowl because The refs the one thing that the rest are A lot of times the story look at the Chiefs Bengals game the rest were the

Story that is the last thing that the NFL wants in the Super Bowl so the refs Are are really really less likely to Call a penalty so that's the main Difference when it comes to betting Strategies specific to the Super Bowl Other than that I mentioned line Shopping you're going to want to make Sure that you can get an edge when You're betting But that's kind of um the beginner when It becomes when it comes to betting on The Super Bowl so if you have any Questions comment and let me know you Can find me on social media at Jedi Modi As you can see on the screen here where I will post a bunch of a lot of sports Betting specific stuff a lot of nonsense Stuff as you can see behind me some Other non-sports interests that I post About but regardless hopefully this Video made sense please comment if you Have any questions or if you just Enjoyed it comment and let me know other Than that please remember to subscribe To the ijam YouTube channel as I Mentioned incredibly important um to get Notified whenever we come out with more Videos for the Super Bowl and that's it So I appreciate everybody watching and Have a good one

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