How to Make Money Betting on Football

Browse NFL Odds (free!): 7 day trial of sharp, profitable betting tools. The OddsJam co-founder graduated from Stanford in Math & Computer Science and has the goal of helping all sports bettors become more profitable.
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In this beginner sports betting tutorial, Boyd goes through what every profitable sports bettor should be doing everyday of the week to ensure you are making mathematically profitable bets. He explains how to make money betting on football.

On Mondays: Review what worked or didn’t work the previous week. Take notes to help you remember situations that will impact future games. Use OddsJam software to find early opportunities and potential odds discrepancies. Get a feel for opening lines. The whole point of this video is to help you when betting on college and pro football. NFL and NCAAF betting are very popular throughout the world.

Watch the rest of the stream to see what you need to do Tuesday through Sunday.

What tools should beginner and sharp bettors use? OddsJam is Math and Science driven, so you can be sure you are getting the most value for each and every bet. OddJam removes the emotions from sports betting, which in turn allows you to make more informed sports betting decisions.

Sportsbooks are counting on you to bet with your emotions. Don’t make that mistake. Use OddsJam’s betting tools to find the most value for your picks.

The OddsJam Positive EV sports betting software has real-time odds from over 75 sportsbooks. The OddsJam sports betting software also includes a variety of betting tools, such as middle bets, arbitrage bets, free bet conversion, low holds and more. You should be getting value on all of your bets with OddsJam!

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