How to Use the OddsJam Positive EV Tool | Sports Betting Education 7 day trial of sharp, profitable betting tools. The OddsJam co-founder graduated from Stanford in Math & Computer Science and has the goal of helping all sports bettors become more profitable.

In this sports betting tutorial, Boyd covers the aspects of the positive expected value tool at OddsJam. OddsJam is a sports betting data driven betting tool that helps bettors identify profitable bets to make money betting on sports.

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OddsJam has a specific page that allows sports bettors to find betting opportunities that produce mathematical market driven edges. Sports bettors make money like any investor by getting low prices so that they can profit, and OddsJam has the tools to help find these quickly.

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The positive expected value page offers the percent edge, sportsbook, bet type, potential amount to risk, and much more. Boyd shows how to quickly identify the information and then apply it to the sportsbook quickly. OddsJam has positive expected value wagers for main line, alternative lines, and player prop bets. Boyd shows how bettors can custom design the positive expected value page, or use the highly recommended filters that OddsJam offers.

The positive expected value page is widely used at all times of the day, and it helps bettors get in early for best prices before the market moves.

Finally, Boyd offers the new players the 7 day FREE trial that users can enjoy while getting used to winning, and all of the tools that OddsJam offers.

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Sports betting brother and hey bring it Up and thanks for stopping by my name is Boyd it's Boyd and I'm a sports betting Market analyst with where we Teach you how to bet like a pro using All the tools all the resources and help You bet to make money consistently Definitely and mathematically now today We're talking about you know how to use The positive Eva Page how to use how to Use that particular feature and just Kind of go more into depth about that We've seen some people have some Questions to make sure that they're Understanding it correctly and maybe Understanding how to use that Consistently so I'm going to go through That today and help you use that on a Daily basis to basis to identify the Positive expected value Wagers and let's Go right now okay guys here we are at The home page of oddsjam and uh again Ozium is a betting tool helps you Identify the um the Best Bets the Positive expected value bets positive Expected value is a tool that you can See here in the drop down that we're Going to go to right now I use this About 94.7 of the time Um a lot a lot a lot and and I have Found that when I don't use it it's very Detrimental and as you can see here uh Let me kind of break this down and show You what this means and kind of how to

Just go through in depth here on the Positive EB page so first of all Um Left hand side here you can see the Percent Edge and this is a perceived Edge that we have uh with the no big Odds you can see here the comparison so What this means is basically it's a 3.5 Edge which was actually you know proceed Is really really good now the question Is you know are you comfortable with Taking a player prop here a player Receiving yards Um the player prop here over at Caesars At plus 112 the Nova Gods this is when The The Vig or the commission for the Sports books is basically extracted Should be according to oddsjam Um about 100 104.84 so you're getting About eight cents a value there 78 cents Value so it's a nice it's a nice chunk And so that would be how you would Identify Um the sports book the actual play the Line you should get and the positive Expected value as far as a profit so That would be one you can consider now You could consider um Plays only above a certain percentage But I can tell you you're always going To find some very good profitable plays Even further down into the one you know The ones and twos but if you kind of Want to just you know set a Target uh

Initially just to keep yourself focused That would be very helpful maybe you Start with say 2.5 and above so you you Can also use this in your settings Um to to set these filters according to The sports books of choice Um the sport of choice Um everything here is customizable and So if you want to go in and just do Certain Sports books let me tell you the Positives and the negatives of that I've Got several unchecked here only because Um it may be a sports book I don't have In my area however I found that the most You know the more Sports books you add Um the more price points the more data Points and the more uh detailed you can Get so it's a little bit disappointing Sometimes when it comes up to the sports Book that um you may or may not have Um so there's sort of you know checks And balances are what you prefer maybe You do a little bit of each Um filter it in with as many books as You possibly can and of course you can Do it by sport by League et cetera Etc You can also do it Um with player props with Mainline bets And the type of Market you want to get Into so you can set this according to However you want to search maybe you're Not into player props or don't care to Bet on player props uh you certainly can Do that so that's the initial start here

Of the positive EB page so next step I Wanted to show you here you have Recommended filters and if you leave This on that is a smart thing to do Relative to the Um proven Profits that have come out of the Recommended filters now that's okay you Can turn this off go ahead and turn this Off if you want to do some customizable Um you know settings of your own totally Okay that's half the fun is going here And uh set some new filters and clear Some new things for yourself and I'll Show you here in a minute how that can Happen for you very very quickly you can Go in here and check off the various Sports books you can go in here and just Pick out certain Sports if you want and Certainly the markets is kind of the big One this is where you say well I just Want to look at Main Market that's an Alternative Market bats and we'll skip The player props helps you kind of focus A little bit too if you're maybe a Person that wants to use the positive Expected value page a little bit later In the day maybe when you have more Information maybe when more lineups come Out or confirmed and then kind of pop Into that market sort of take that Information out initially maybe early in The day put it back in late in the day Is one way to do it I leave I leave it

In 24 7. so Um you do it however you want but that's Just how you would search again Mainline Markets are basically Point spreads uh totals and money lines So that's another way to hunt and again That's what I'm going to try to do in These videos to help you get better in Identifying how to use these tools the One thing is providing the tool which is Oddsjam uh the other thing is teaching You how to use the tool and or tools so That you can really hone your skills on It because it's definitely a data driven A highly successful product Okay guys couple other really critical Things that I want to show you and talk To you about on the positive expected Value page of oddsgam is is this uh Recommended bet size and what I have Done is set Um a budget of say a thousand dollars Now say a thousand dollars on a Kelly Criterion system and what that does is You're getting started it helps you Build your bankroll so it kind of helps You with some guidance on the math here It helps you guide you know the type of Play you have relative to your your uh Set budget amount with the odds and the Percent Edge you get so it calculates That for you now certainly it's your Call your choice but if you want to stay Consistent and kind of stay within that

Program It really does all the thinking for you So again you would in this case say I'm Going to wait your forty dollars on this Player passing touchdowns of Brady under One and a half uh on the Niners uh Buccaneers game coming up so it tells You the percent Edge and again you can Set this in your uh profile in your Settings if you have a um a different Type of um Kelly Criterion obviously You're gonna do your own thing so if you Want to set it at a higher amount that's Fine it's going to calculate that for You now not to say that these five and Ten dollar bets or twenty dollar bets Can't be profitable because they Definitely are it's giving you just the Correlating math okay so it really is Taking a lot of the thinking out of it For you and does all the research now What that does let's give you it's going To give you an example let's say I want To go ahead and place that I can hit This button and let's say you want to Hit this button here and do a little Quick math it's going to show you the Kelly multiplier there is one uh the Odds are minus one twenty two you have a Win percentage of about 56.76 percent so If you wanted to increase your Kelly Multiplier let's say to two you know It's going to let you know that you Would be wagering a different amount so

Now you'd have eighty dollars to wager If you wanted to adjust your Kelly Criteria number so what you could do is Add this event to your bet tracker and Then hit save okay let's say You're Gonna Save the 40 amount hit save so We'll see here in a second I add Everything to the BET tracker the BET Tracker is correlated and tied to the Positive expected value page so up here At the BET tracker it's going to show That we just made that wager and placed That button of course you have to go to The sports book and get that thing Placed so you have to immediately go to Underdog fantasy and get that that Better that's part of a pick five but I'm just giving you just an example I'll Get this video it's going to say it's Pending as you can see here you have the Uh the recent bets we've had going and Um kind of keeps track of it for you and It's kind of nice you can go through and Start to use the BET tracker in Correlation with the Positive expected Value page Um to to kind of see how you did you Know I had one last night Wanted to flip uh so happy with the Wager so happy with the BET and let me See if I can find it here because it was A good one um ended up losing it but This is part of it so we put 100 bucks Through a thought nice got in great here

I thought Um over a Superbook at -110 closing line Values minus 157 and we were at uh three Rebounds with about 14 seconds left he Had a fourth rebound ended up losing That bet in the last 14 seconds but Anyway keeps track of all this for you Which is good because you can start to Um see where things are are working out For you on the positive EV page and then Maybe where your um weaknesses are you Want to you know maybe look a little bit Different also keeps track of the Pending bets you have going for later Today Your current Roi and if you're beating Your clv so we're having some decent Luck with that let's see a closer to 50 And of course you always want to have This as high as possible but we've had a Nice little profit here Um you know over the recent times so That's definitely a big part of Connecting the positive EV with all of This all of this information so that you Can identify the wage or identify the Amount identify the sports book Um all the details you need to go and so You'll actually find yourself sort of Searching or hunting for various types Of bets I would call them at the money Which means I didn't do as many Alternative lines so You know again even if you're down to

The lower uh positive edges here you Still might find a wager that you kind Of like Um you know you you feel comfortable It's not too too big of a dog to don't Feel like you're you know at Jeopardy But it's amazing how some of these dogs Really really work out well Um and definitely that's how you can Catch up and Um you can hit a lower percentage of Winds by having a higher percentage of Uh you know positive EV dogs All right Sports betters there you go There is the uh the details about the Positive expected value page and so for Those of you say how do we place a Positive EB bet well it's your choice Your call you get to choose amongst all Those options and all those choices and Of course the tools are there to help You identify which one you believe you Have the best Edge on obviously with the Math to your left also with the math Helping you with achilla Criterion and The uh the money management the bankroll Management to help you with that to help That decision obviously showing the Sports books showing you the wager Everything you need to know about Fighting and placing a positive expected Value wager so I'm going to go on and Talk more about the Arbitrage tabs and Other tools we have with oddsjam helping

You learn how to use those tools because There's so much there it's very robust Uh you know tools a set of tools there At oddsjam uh if you want a free trial We have a seven day free trial for you Hit the links down below for that and as Always appreciate you watching and let's Go make some mathematical money

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