HUGE Profit for Fight Night | A Sharp UFC Bet

HUGE Profit for Fight Night | A Sharp UFC Bet

No Limit Texas Hold Em Multi Table Tournaments

I played in a number of large, multi-table no limit tournaments  over the weekend. I had some success in a few of them, making the money in several and a final table on one, but I noticed a few things that I have seen before, but I thought it worth calling your attention to.

Texas Hold Em Strategy: Late Multi Table Tournament Play

As I played in the latter stages of a multi table tournament with over 1200 entrants last night, I was reminded of how play changes once it gets close to the bubble and even after the bubble and later in the tournament when you have already made the money. There are some things that occur in every online tournament with this kind field and if you are aware of them, you can move up in the money rapidly and avoid getting bounced out earlier than you should.

Post Flop Strategy in No Limit Texas Hold Em Poker

It is always easy (seemingly) for most players to play good cards before the flop. When you have A-K, there is only the question of how much you will raise, rather than if you will see the flop, at least as a general rule.

No Limit Texas Hold Em: Reading the Flop

One area that I see many poker players struggle with is reading the flop. It is a skill that takes a lot of practice, I will admit.

Texas Hold Em Sit N Go: Playing the Big Stack

Playing the big stack in a Sit n Go comes with it’s own perks and it’s own problems. Many players are not comfortable playing with a lot of chips, or they think they are comfortable when in reality, they are not.

No Limit Texas Hold’Em Rebuy Tournaments

I go back and forth in my mind all the time as to whether I hate re-buy tournaments or whether I love re-buy tournaments. If you spend much time playing online poker, you know that re-buy’s are a staple of the internet NL Hold’em realm.

No Limit Texas Hold Em Strategy for Playing Pocket Aces

Many online players that I play against will slow play pocket Aces and limp into pots. Often these are the same players that cannot believe that their Aces got cracked and they busted out of a tournament or lost a huge pot.

No Limit Texas Hold Em: Playing High Pocket Pairs

Of course, everyone loves to be dealt A-A or K-K. Q-Q or even J-J can be pretty nice to look down at and see depending on what position you are in. The question is, how should you play a high pocket pair pre-flop?

Online Texas Hold Em Poker: A Great Entertainment Value

In a time when the price of gasoline has made travel in the United States very unappealing for the average American, poker players have an excellent alternative: playing Texas Hold’em online. Rather than traveling to Vegas to play poker, or a nearby casino, all poker players have to do is log onto the internet.

Texas Hold’Em Online Poker Strategy

Over the weekend I got a question from fellow poker player about what to do if you have not only gone “card dead” but “situation dead” as well. Certainly we have all gone through those periods multiple times where we are card dead.

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