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For the most part, you can find a variety of different sports betting markets online. Most games have team and player-based outcomes, and these are called props. Propositions are similar to totals, with the most common being “Vikings over 3.5 sacks.” You can also bet on things like “Carson Wentz to throw for over 230.5 yards.” While there are many different sports betting markets for NFL games, NFL props grow in popularity in the postseason and Super Bowl. Player props are especially popular, including over-under and player totals. While there are hundreds of different NFL props, many of them have long odds. These include “Totals Over 230.5 Passing Yards” and “Winner’s Roster” markets.

While legalized sports betting is gaining momentum in states across the U.S., it still has a long way to go before it becomes available in all states. However, you can track every state’s legislative efforts and keep up with the latest news by visiting The Action Network. It’s highly recommended that you check the pages often to stay up-to-date on the latest news on sports betting. If you’re unsure of your local law on sports betting, consider contacting a legal sports betting operator. They’ll do everything they can to keep you and your money safe.

NFL games, for example, are known for being high-scoring, but the points spread can make it difficult for a favorite team to win. Inclement weather and stadium factors can influence game scores. Therefore, NFL totals are best approached in quarters and then compared to the totals line. While betting on a favorite team can be tempting, it’s best to avoid the temptation to bet too heavily on the moneyline. You can hedge your bets to a certain degree and still walk away with a profit no matter what the result is.

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