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Many sports fans have a passion for betting on their favorite players. The NFL is the most popular league in the United States, and according to a report by MarketWatch, the NFL will garner $20 billion in wagers in the 2021-22 season, nearly triple the value of last year’s season. Last year’s Super Bowl, for example, generated a record $7.6 billion in legal wagers. And with NFL sports betting becoming more popular, states are passing laws to legalize the activity.

One of the key strategies in sports betting is to track line movement. If you notice that the masses are on one team and the odds go in the opposite direction, it means sharp bettors are backing the opposite side. This can give you the opportunity to profit from these movements and hedge your bets. This strategy is called “reverse line movement,” and it is a proven method for determining when sharp bettors are backing the opposite team.

NFL game over/under wagers involve two components: the total and the point spread. The over/under line is simply a number without any math symbols. It can range from a mere five points to as much as 50.5 points. In addition, teams that score half-points are unlikely to score a touchdown. So, if you want to bet on a low-scoring game, consider betting on an underdog.

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