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Pick for you in the hockey tonight Turning a favorite into an underdog hi This is the sports betting whale where you can just Give us your email and get all the pics Not just the ones we give you on the Video so what is it how are we turning a Favorite into an underdog we really like The New York Islanders today instead of Laying them on the money line we're Going to go ahead and give one and a Half to Columbus Blue Jackets and turn It from a a favorite large favorite to a Plus 120 Underdog so we're going to take Islanders minus one and a half Puck line plus 120. why Islanders have a serakin today at at the Net he's 26 to 19 with a 2.34 GAA goals Against average and a safe average of 0.925 very very good numbers especially In that many games going against uh the Columbus goalie Elvis Merz Lincoln's He's 7 and 17 4.10 gold average against And it's 0.88 save so he's below average An Islander circle is above average Right now the Islanders are hot Offensively they'd outscored the Opponents 17-6 in the last three And Columbus what do they play for They're out of the playoffs they're two And seven lately and six times uh the Last games they've lost by two or more Sometimes three four five so right now It's a very good value to take Islanders

Minus one and a half Puck line today Against Columbus Blue Jackets we're on It you should be on it too make sure you Subscribe so you keep getting these Videos we're getting going to baseball Season where we get ridiculously hot you Don't want to miss out so hit that Subscribe button and browse around while You're here and then when you get a Chance come over to Look at our website in our videos and Our track record of going on monster Ones winning streaks and just put in Your email and you get all the picks for Free and you tip us when you win best Program ever thanks see you next time

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