Morning Coffee and Sports Betting with Bob | July 14th, 2022

While legalized sports betting is gaining momentum across the United States, it is still quite a ways off from being legal in all 50 states. The best way to stay informed and updated on legislative efforts is to visit The Action Network. This website tracks legislation efforts in each state and provides detailed updates to its users. It’s also worth checking back frequently to see whether or not your state has legalized sports betting. In any case, be sure to use your own discretion when betting.

If you enjoy football, NFL games offer dozens of betting options. NFL games feature hundreds of markets, and props are one of the most popular betting options. NFL props grow in popularity during the postseason and Super Bowl. Popular player props include the Over/Under line, touchdown scorer market, and winning margin. These bets will often give you the longest odds and payouts. These betting opportunities can be lucrative for fans of the NFL.

The moneyline is a popular wagering option in NFL games, but many people don’t know it exists. If you’ve ever watched an NFL game, you’ve probably noticed that the moneyline is usually smaller than the actual point total. In other words, while the favorite team in Sin City may have -200 odds, they shrink to -300 odds after people start envisioning them winning. By contrast, the underdog will see their odds increase and grow, becoming the favorite.

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