My $5,000 World Series Bet: MLB Picks for Tonight!

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Alex goes through his $5,000 bet for the World Series! He has betting picks for Phillies vs. Astros. It’s Game 3 of the World Series.

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What's up Sports betters really quick Video Astros Phillies I have a 5 000 bet For game three of the World Series so Line movement started ripping lower all Of the action has been coming in on the Under and you'll notice I found an Extremely sharp bet on the under seven And a half at plus 100 so it's actually An Arbitrage bet with Pinnacle right Here so you can get plus money on the Over on Pinnacle in the under on win bet Right you can get so Betfair moved from Plus 102 to minus 101 but you can see on Pinnacle the over seven and a half is Still at plus 101 win bet is at plus 100 So if we go ahead and we go to a Arbitrage calculator what you'll notice Is when you're getting plus money on Both the over and the under you can bet On both sides and make a risk-free Profit right that's called Arbitrage Betting So whenever an Arbitrage bet exists and We can bet on both the over and the Under equal and opposite outcomes on two Different sports books because Sports Books have different odds and make a Risk-free profit all we want to do is Figure out well which side is actually Mathematically profitable Right we want to know which side is the Good side of an Arbitrage bed which side Is the positive EV bet the bet with an Edge you can't have the ability to make

Risk-free money betting on two or more Sports books on equal and opposite Outcomes unless one bet is Mathematically profitable So it's not like there's a lot of Arbitrage bets you know available in the Market basically like odds gym As you probably know at this point has Millions of odds kind of updating in Real time right college football from All these Sports books all of these odds Are constantly updating for all these Major markets stuff like that millions Of odds updating in real time so Typically the amount of betting Opportunities where Sports books are Screwing up big enough that you can orb Them and make a risk-free profit there's Not that many opportunities right but What you'll notice here is we're going To use this as a source of information To figure out that the under is Ridiculous value so first of all you Have the BET Fair exchange they have the Under favor right this is a very Efficient peer-to-peer betting Market You should always be looking at their Odds before you place a bet right as you Get close to game time for big games Because it's peer-to-peer betting There's a ton of action so you can see They have the under favorite Right bet online also has the under Favorite they have the under juice to

Minus 114. Pinnacle the sharpest Bookmaker in the world their Market only Has 12 cents in Market with they have The under favorite whenever you can get An Arbitrage bet to Pinnacle you Typically want to hit the other side Right so for example Royce O'Neill over Three and a half assists hit it right Profitable it's an Arbitrage bet to the Sharpest bookmaker the most efficient Betting Market Josh Getty over 13 and a Half points hit it Franz Wagner under Four and a half rebounds hit it you want To hit all these bets so under seven and A half in Astros Phillies I mean just Absolutely insane value you have the Three sharpest bookmakers on odds Jam Um all pricing the under seven and a Half as favored so I ended up slamming It for 5K total I initially hit it for 500 bucks then I doubled down and hit it For 4 500. So 4 500 500 5 000 total on the under Again I'm tracking my profit and loss For all of these plays let's make some Freaking money

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