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Before betting on NFL games, you should be aware of the weather. It can make or break a game, and cold weather can be particularly disruptive for passing games. On the other hand, wet conditions favor run-heavy teams. Inclement weather can also impact point totals. In general, such conditions tend to result in lower scoring games that end sooner. To make your predictions, check the weather report, and use advanced statistics to predict which teams will win and lose.

Another way to win sports betting is to watch for line movement. If you can spot reverse line movement, you will likely win bets on the opposite side. Typically, the odds move upward if the masses are betting on one team while sharp bettors are betting on the other. If you can see these trends, you’ll know which teams to back. For instance, betting on the Browns in the Super Bowl may be a good idea, even though the Ravens’ offense has been inconsistent this year.

If you’re looking for more value, try betting on a game’s conference or division winners. The odds on these bets remain available throughout the season. You can also place wagers on players or teams with long odds, such as those in the Most Valuable Player (MVP) category. Of course, these picks must be placed before the start of the season, but the odds are typically attractive. If you’re new to sports betting, you can use the action network’s reviews to choose a sportsbook and activate your account with the best sign up bonuses.

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