NBA Parlay Picks for Tonight: The Winning Strategy

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Alex goes through the best NBA parlay picks for tonight.

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What's up Sports betters I know I've Already given out a lot of parlays for Today including this Banger five leg Parlay to turn 250 bucks Into 5K but I Have another one I have a three leg NBA Parlay on Underdog fantasy and the Reason we've been making a lot of videos On Underdog fantasy is they've had a lot Of the top profit margin bets on the EV Tool so the positive EV tool we have Been seeing a lot of plays on Underdog Fantasy and the first play is Evan Fournier under two and a half made Threes So you can get this in a three pick or a Five pick entry at the implied odds of Minus 122 on Underdog fantasy so we'll Go through kind of how this platform Works here in a second but long story Short as a sharp better we're always Looking for Value doesn't matter if You're playing parlays straight bets Doesn't matter if you're betting on the NFL NBA doesn't freaking matter the way That sportsbooks make money is they Charge the Vic they charge the juice so You're looking for Bets with enough Value enough value to beat the vague Beat the juice so what you'll see right Here is for Evan Fournier under two and A half made threes Pinnacle Sportsbook which is the Sharpest bookmaker in the world they're Pricing this at -167 bet online minus

154 DraftKings minus 165 like the whole Market on average Sports bucks are let's Say minus 155 minus 160 on this play on This under they have the under heavily Juiced heavily favored And we're getting it at -122. so we're Getting a ton of value you know we're Getting 45 cents of improvement from Pinnacle which is the sharpest bookmaker In the world Right so when you're able to find Value To the sharpest bookmakers typically That's a play you want to be all over so If you're curious like where why should I be playing three pick and five pick Entries on Underdog because you'll Notice nearly all of my plays are going To be three pick and five pick entries On Underdog fantasy is the reason is if You have any two pick entry so any two Like parlay you're betting one to win Three unders overs whatever you're Betting one to win three Now if you have a three like parlay You're betting one to win six so if we Take a look at the difference in the Implied odds so this is just the odds Jam screen so a way of viewing data but If we take a look at a three pick entry Versus a two pick entry for any two pick Entry you're betting one to win three so That's as if you're getting -137 implied Odds on a sports book for a two pick Entry you're betting at minus 122. one

Dollar to win six one dollar to win five In profit it's just a parlay with Essentially plus 500 odds you're betting One to win six one to win five in profit Which you can see right here so this Platform basically you're incentivized To play three pick entries That's where the implied odds are best Right so ideally if you want to be on RJ Barrett you shouldn't be playing him Over one and a half Made threes at -137 right you would much Rather play him in a three pick entry or A five pick entry at -122 where it Actually seems like there's a tiny bit Of value you know most sports books have This over favored at like minus 140 Minus 137 stuff like that So it's a sharp better we're always Looking for Value so it's free to browse Odds on oddsjam any game you want to Look at you know whatever you can browse Odds for all of these markets You know player made threes Player Points and what I like to do is just you Know scan underdog And look for where there are soft spots Look for where the best odds in this Dark green color on are on Underdog Fantasy So it looks like Julius Randle under one And a half threes and RJ Barrett over One and a half threes are both best Offered at -122 on Underdog but neither

Of them unsurprisingly are as profitable As this play On Evan Fournier So we hit it right when all the buck Makers are pricing something as a minus 160 favorite you're getting it minus 122. that's a play you want to be on so Next we have you know there are kind of Five picks you could choose from but I Just took Marcus Morris over and Zion Williamson over three and a half assists Marcus Morris over one and a half made Threes that's my next parlay for tonight Three picks 250 to win 1.5 K you know Obviously The highest profit margin bet you can Sort for and it's on um you know at Least for Underdog fantasy which is the Sports book I'm looking at so you can See them all you can just see one sports Book but typically I just keep odd sham Filtered by percent so I just see the Highest profit margin bets first But anyways hopefully this video was Helpful let's make some money

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