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In this video, we’re going to go over some NBA player props that you can use to help you hammer tonight in your NBA predictions.

Whether you’re playing for fun or trying to make money, these props will help you out! By using these props, you’ll be able to increase your chances of winning your predictions tonight. So put on your work shoes and get ready to crush the competition!

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Randall has some great bets for the NBA tonight! He locks in sharp NBA betting picks for the NBA season. Randall’s picks are Positive EV, which means that they have a mathematical “edge” over the sportsbook.

He explains the math and logic behind all of his picks. Randall’s goal is to have as many sharp, profitable NBA bets as possible open for each night of NBA basketball.

As a sports bettor, Randall talks about his sports betting strategy and why line shopping is so important. This is what you need to do as a sports bettor to make money betting on sports. Randal hammers NBA player prop bets in this video, giving out his favorite NBA player props of the night.

Profitable NBA bets can occur on any sportsbook. The OddsJam sports betting software has NBA betting lines and player prop odds from 50+ sportsbooks, including Caesars & DraftKings.

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Hey what's up guys it's Randall from Oddsjam back with you today for some More player props filling in for map Mode I one last day he will be back Tomorrow to share all of his Insight all Of his plays Um so we're gonna go ahead and we're Just going to jump over to oddsjam Um we're gonna see what we can find in The NBA today uh pretty solid day Yesterday wanted to point out that the IGN vet tracker 100 free to use Um you can track all of your bets it'll Keep track of your daily amounts here You can also check out the sweat station Where it will show you all of the plays Um that you have in play for the day It'll track those for you so if you've Got LeBron over 28 and a half points and He has 25 there'll be a little uh line There with his point total continuing to Go up so pretty cool feature on oddsjam And again bet tracker 100 free to use Um if you're not tracking your bets you Definitely need to it's the only way to To really see if you are profiting so We'll go ahead and jump over here to the Player props for today quite a few that Are out there Um with quite a bit of value this Morning Darius Garland over two and a Half player made threes Cavaliers at the Pacers today we can see we can get plus 135 on MGM minus 135 on points bet we

Can look at a couple other sharp books We can see bet online has the over at Plus 117 Pinnacle at plus 124 average Odds for these Sports books plus 116. so Quite a bit of value here on Garland Over two and a half threes on BET MGM Um next one here Scotty Barnes under a Half player made three this one's pretty Juicy but it does have quite a bit of Value here no big odds this is the odds Um these are the the true the kind of Fair odds if you were to remove the Juice so far out for this are plus 168 We would be getting plus 175 we can see Rest of the market that online sitting At plus 155 Pinnacle is sitting at plus 152 average odds across all of the books Plus 155 pretty high juice to the over Um but a ton of value here on the under And I mean with EV betting it's looking At some of the comments yesterday it's Definitely a volume game Um and it does matter I mean line Shopping does matter getting the best Number does matter I mean if you Consistently beat the closing line at Least 50 percent of the time you are Going to profit long term so it's not a You know bet two or three plays throw in The towel it's a volume game and I would Say most of our users who are making Money are betting 30 to 50 plays a day Which may sound insane but imagine that You are flipping a coin you and I are

Going to flip a coin and it's 52 chance As a 52 chance to land on heads 48 a Chance to land on Tails if I get to Decide how many times we're going to Flip it I'm going to say let's flip it 10 because in those 10 flips I may win Six of them whereas if you get to decide How many times we flip it you might say A thousand because after a thousand Flips you are going to definitely have The edge so EV is a volume game Um next one here nimhard under two and a Half rebounds Cavs Pacers game here plus 125 on points bet we can see the average Odds are plus 107 that online plus 107 Pinnacle plus 102 two very sharp books Um Fair odds plus 120. so another one to To look at there I know some of you are Interested in prize picks so we've got One here on sabonis over 20 and a half Player points looks like that actually Has moved that would have been a good Bet I would assume that that is now probably 21 or 21 and a half Um Let's take a look here Garland over two And a half rebounds minus 125 on points Bet another very good bet Um average odds minus 151 that online Pinnacle very very high juice there as Well Um one with lower EV uh friends Wagner Over one and a half player made threes

Minus 120 on Barstool and bet Rivers Minus 122 no big Fair odds uh average Odds are minus 141 and we can see here Price picks for a couple other options Butker over one and a half player field Goals made Um definitely some value if you were to Put him in a five or a six pick Flex Minus 119 on that and it looks like Harrison Barnes has some value as well Under four and a half rebounds again Only in the five or the six pick Flex if You put them in the two Um you would be getting minus 137 odds Average odds for that are minus 138 so You want to go with five or the six pick Flex so that is going to wrap it up Today we'll go ahead we'll do one more Refresh see if there are any other Player props that are out there looks Like all of the same Um so be sure to lock those in and let's Make some money Matt will be back with You tomorrow

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