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In this video, we’re going to go over some NBA player props that you can use to help you hammer tonight in your NBA predictions.

Whether you’re playing for fun or trying to make money, these props will help you out! By using these props, you’ll be able to increase your chances of winning your predictions tonight. So put on your work shoes and get ready to crush the competition!

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Matt has awesome bets for the NBA tonight! He locks in sharp NBA betting picks for the NBA season. Matt’s picks are Positive EV, which means that they have a mathematical “edge” over the sportsbook.

He explains the math and logic behind all of his picks. Matt’s goal is to have as many sharp, profitable NBA bets as possible open for each night of NBA basketball.

As a sports bettor, Matt talks about his sports betting strategy and why line shopping is so important. This is what you need to do as a sports bettor to make money betting on sports. Matt hammers NBA player prop bets in this video, giving out his favorite NBA player props of the night.

Profitable NBA bets can occur on any sportsbook. The OddsJam sports betting software has NBA betting lines and player prop odds from 50+ sportsbooks, including Caesars & DraftKings.

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Good morning everybody it is Matt Moda Here with oddsjam here to give you some NBA player props to lock in today NBA Player prop Best Bets for today as of Right now I have four for you guys to Lock in let's hope that we can get Everything in before the odds change and Let's get right into it so of course Using oddsjam using the positive Expected value page for these sharp Profitable NBA player props every play That shows up here on the EV page is Gonna have um an edge over the sports Book that you're placing the bet with And if you actually want to make money Betting on sports you pretty much it's a Pretty it's a must pretty much that you Have to have an edge in order to Actually make money whether that edge is From like doing your own statistical Modeling and running your own algorithms And predicting scores essentially better Than the sports books that's definitely An option it's incredibly difficult to Do that and Incredibly difficult to be Smarter than the sports books when you Consider how much money they have thrown In to the sports books and how much Money they have to make sure that they Update their odds and have the best odds That's pretty difficult What icdm does and I think what makes ICM such an incredibly valuable tool is Instead of trying to basically be

Smarter than the sports books instead What optium does is essentially use the Sports books against each other and find One sports book that has some sort of Mispriced line And I'll show you exactly what I am Talking about so the first play that We're going to go ahead and lock in here Is this RJ Barrett over 22 and a half Points this is at plus 120 odds at bet 365. whenever you're positive EV betting Whatever play is bolded with the Rectangle around it that is the play That you are going to bet essentially That is the positive expected value play You just look for bold look for the Rectangle around it So what you need to understand about why These plays are profitable everything is Derived from these no Vig odds that you See here so these odds are priced at PL The Anova Gods you see here are priced At plus 113. so what does that mean I Can get into and it's it's where the Edge and everything kind of comes from So You see the screen here right plus 120 Is on one side all the way down to looks Like minus 105. you can ignore Underdog And price picks because they are daily Fantasy sports companies they have the Same odds for every play so odds range From plus 120 to -105 for the same exact Play it's a matter of like 25 difference

25 difference if you're actually betting 100 on these two between these two books So with that in mind one of them has to Be right and one of them has to be wrong Or they're both wrong and the truth is Somewhere in the middle but regardless They both can't be the accurate Representation of this RJ Barrett over 22 and a half points right it doesn't Make sense they can't be that far apart And both be correct So with that thought in mind some sports Books are consistently better than Others at pricing odds and that's what Exactly what oddsdam Um what what pulls into these no vague Odds here their lines are pulled from The sharpest Sports books in the world So ihdm tested previous betting Opportunities to use that historical Data to show them okay what sports books Consistently do the best job at pricing Odds then we're going to use those Sports books take odds from them use Them to essentially set the market and For current betting opportunities that You can actually lock in right now Um use basically whenever you can get Better odds from those Sports books is Going to be profitable so The true line of this is kind of how you Can view the no big odds the true line Accurate representation of the market Should be priced or is at plus 113 we're

Getting it all the way up at plus 120. So there's a gap but Between these two numbers and that's Where your profitability comes from and Then what you want to do you want to Look and just compare the odds of the Bet you're placing to the rest of the Sports books make sure that you are Placing a true outlier compared to every Other book starting with Pinnacle which Is the sharpest plus 102 that's a good Sign bed online another sharp Sportsbook Plus 104 that's a great that's a good Sign it's two for two then DraftKings is Also pretty sharp when it comes to Player props they're at minus 105. so From the three sharp Sports books Clearly an outlier when you compare to The Bet365 line also an outlier when you Just compare the rest of the betting Markets as well the closest book here is Fox bet at plus 110 but we see like Everywhere else plus 106 plus 104 down To minus 105. so all in all getting a Really good price on this RJ Barrett Over 22 and a half points so this is Play number one Play number two we are Looking at RJ Barrett so we're betting On him to score over 22 and a half Points but we're betting on him to do it By making one or fewer three-pointers so The next plague is RJ Barrett under one And a half made three-pointers plus 150 Odds at bet Rivers

The arch Jam perfect line prices this at About plus 144 and a half essentially Plus 145 if you want to round up so The gap between these two numbers your Profitability is Um or the gap between these two numbers Is where your profitability comes from Excuse me so we're getting this all the Way up at plus 150 and just look at Every other book right like Pinnacle has It at plus 129 Fox bet and bet online Plus 120 plus 131 obviously you want to Give heavier weight to Pinnacle and bet Online and then giraffe Kings at plus 130 every book that we actually have Odds for is giving us a pretty good Price right the closest one being plus 135 20 15 cents lower than the BET Rivers line and then people are going to Ask you know why would you bet both of These plays if they're kind of Diminishing returns right like the more Points RJ Barrett scores the higher Likelihood that he's making three Pointers and I understand that But number one you have to look at the Odds right like I for player props I put Three quarters of a unit pretty much Universally on player prop so for me That's 75 bucks so I put 75 bucks on This RJ Barrett one as you can see right Here and Um so if you put 75 bucks on both of These plays and one of them hits you

Will be profiting from that interaction Right because of the odds because They're both plus money and obviously The payout is higher on the three Pointers one but you're still making Money if only one of them hits and I Mean RJ Barrett is kind of a streaky Three-point shooter he can score outside Of just three pointers so if and if you Get both the hit then you're obviously Profiting a ton because of the way the Odds shake out so I understand kind of The trepidation of why would you bet Both of them when the more one happens The less the other one which I Understand but you have to just kind of Look at the odds and the goal here isn't To win 100 of your bets the goal is to Profit in the long run so if you wanted To win 100 of your bets you should just Bet heavy favorites every time you Probably won't make any money but at Least you'll win a high percentage of Your bets but betting plus money plays Can obviously the payout is Significantly higher so you don't need To win as much to make money so that's The second play RJ Barrett under one and A half made three pointers next up we Have Kyle kuzma over 36 and a half Points rebounce assists this is at -115 Odds at um bet MGM So the option perfect line prices this At -118 that's your profitability right

But -118 is the perfect line minus 115 Is the bet that we are placing And then you want to compare the BET MGM Line to the rest of the sports book so Again we're ignoring Underdog and price Picks every other book that prices this Is in the -130s with with that online Being all the way up at minus 143 which Is obviously a very good sign for us so Pinnacle has it at -132 as I mentioned Bet online at -143 and DraftKings at Minus 135. now I I do get some questions About why does it matter if we're Betting on an outlier why is that Important and you kind of have to think About it just from like I mean there's a Couple different ways to think about it Number one just from The Logical Standpoint if every other book is Charging more money for this play except For the one that you are you are placing That's another way to think about it That MGM has the cheapest price on Kyle Kuzma to go over 36 and a half points if Every other sports book is universally Aligned that it should be more expensive Than what betmgm is giving us that's Um a good sign for us and that's a good Sign that better GM just has this Mispriced another way I like to describe It would be like if pretty much every Marketable rep or excuse me reputable Market exchange has Amazon stock at a Thousand dollars a share and you can get

Them on some exchange wherever at 800 Bucks that 200 difference that you your Logic would tell you okay this exchange Has that Amazon one mispriced I should Buy that stock because you assume that The true line of that the true market Evaluation is closer to the thousand Dollars matching every other reputable Stock Exchange it's the same thing with Sports betting every other sports book Including the sharp ones are telling us That Kyle kuzma is significantly more Likely to go over this prop than the Reflected odds of the BET MGM line which Is another way of saying that MGM has This mispriced we should take advantage Of it so that's kind of why the um the Outlier stuff is important because More often than not if every Sportsbook Has it aligned then they're probably Right and if we can get better odds Which just means higher payout for us For the sports better that's a good sign So hopefully that made sense uh play Number three Kyle kuzma over 36 and a Half points rebounce assists next up and The last play of this video is Monte Morris under four and a half assists Plus 120 odds at points back Perfect line pricing this at about plus 117 and a half and again look at every Other sports book no other sports book Looks like the closest one is at plus 106. we see Pinnacle plus 104

That online I also have plus 104 DraftKings at plus 105 and pretty much Universally across the board between Minus 103 up to plus 106. no book has a Closer than plus 106 which again is a Sign that this Monte Morris one is a Really really good play So this is my fourth and final pick for This video um if you guys are tailing These four comment and let me know would Love to hear it um other than that Please remember to like the video Subscribe to the igin YouTube channel Helps me out a ton then if you want to Find me you can on Twitter at my handle You see on the screen here Jedi Modi or On the picket app which is very very Betting specific syncs directly with Your sports books no fudging what you're Locking in at oddsjam underscore mat but For this video that's all I got Appreciate everybody watching and have a Good one

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